Monday, April 23

sing sing

Siera played at her first open mic with me this past weekend.  She did so amazing!!  It was fun to have her on the Cajon and singing along with me as well.   

This is the kind of thing I will miss when I'm gone!

Sisters are the best.

Monday, April 16


Remember that post on new years about everyone doing wonderful things with their lives?  I guess I just wanted to hop on the band wagon, so I put in my mission papers.  It's cool I guess.
  I go into the MTC on May 9th, and I couldn't be more excited!

 Thanks to all my friends and family that came to the temple with me this weekend, it was great!

Being at the temple made me miss this kid a little bit.  
So in the mean time, I'm done with work, and I am just trying to cross things off of my "to get" list, my "to accomplish" list, and my "make sure nobody steals this while I'm gone" list.  


Monday, April 2


LDS General Conference was good.

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