Wednesday, January 4


Lately, I've spent some time catching up on some of my friends blogs.  Your welcome.  Because I probably read yours. You know what? A large majority of their "recapping 2011" posts included: marriage, babies, houses, anniversaries, jobs, missions, college graduations...etc. 

There's even this photo with me and my cousins, in which the person who posted it captioned something to the effect of: "the back four are all married and either mothers or mothers to be! They sure have everything on track, wow, just look at them." But what about that knock-kneed mullet kid in front? Oh-- that's me.

This is pretty typical. However, all of a sudden I'm feeling like like everyone abandoned me here in Neverland. 

My year consisted of things like spontaneous travel, finally getting that 9-5 desk job I always wanted, impulsively buying human hamsterballs and rolling down hills, skinny dipping at family reunions, playing in a city kickball league (and being genuinely upset when we lost), finally going to the prom (see here), concerts galore, taking a paragliding lesson, attending weddings, breaking the bank with gifts for baby showers, bridal showers, bar mitzvah's, etc., and keeping my second date count to exactly 0. 

Impressed yet?

Since everyone else is making goals for the new year,  I figured I would do it too, if for none other reason than to pretend I fit in with the rest of my age demographic when I'm up at night watching Disney Classics and Boy Meets World reruns by myself.  I'm living the good life.

So here's what I came up with.  This ever-impressive list of goals for the new year.  Cheers.
listen more
talk less
thank more
complain less
write more
doodle less
do more
sit less
become more
regret less
tone down the sarcasm just a notch
(note: goals should be "attainable")


eden said...

umm... i love this post. i had no idea you had a blog. but now i'll have to follow it. (:

i haven't done a 2011 recap myself. because i'm also missing the 'major life events'... including the second date... (:

here's to 2012 being awesome.

oh, and you took a paragliding lesson?! me too! i loooooved it.

Dona said...

You were not bow-legged and that hair cut was not a mullet. You were/are adorable and have accomplished amazing things. I love your post and your goals except I think that doodling is actually healthy so keep on doodling. I have a talk less goal but I don't think you need to talk less. In fact, I think you should talk more, to me.

Linze Kate said...

My favorite part is how realistic you are, "(note: goals should be "attainable")".... I love that - and you! Haha...

Here's to 2012!

Anonymous said...

Oh my !
What clever, witty blog posts you write 'quarterly' !
It's fun to read your posts even though they are scarce. In your scan of your 2011 'doings' you left out alot of things including the MAJOR MUSIC MAKING youv'e done !
I'm impressed with your succinctly stated 2012 goals ! You are WAY ahead of the rest - YOU ARE THE BEST ! I'm certain you'll make 2012 a good year & a happy one!