Thursday, August 11

Happy Birthday Mom

My Mom is Great.
But if you have ever met her, you know that already. 

She is the most genuine person I know. 
 She once returned a nickel she found in a vending machine. 
who does that?
{my mom does}
She is generous. 
She is always looking for people to serve whether it be making a meal for someone in the neighborhood, or buying groceries for a homeless man on the street.  
She loves music.
She is always looking for new "hip" songs on her iPod
She is brave.
She isn't afraid to walk away from a situation, or out of a movie... 
She is involved.
She attends most every soccer game,
                                     lacrosse match, 
                                  wrestling tournament, 
                                                  piano recital, 
                                                 basketball game, 
                                       parent teacher conference,
                                                               choir concert
                                                                   football game
She volunteers every week at 5:30 am at the temple.  
She is in the PTA at our schools.
She is involved in local politics, and she educates herself on issues
She loves our country. 
She is sensitive.
She cries in every movie that is slightly sad/romantic/sentimental when the ferris wheel fell on Mighty Joe Young.
She loves and values family
She once made us drive 4 hours to Idaho, to be at a reunion for 2 hours, and drive back again.
She is a good example.
She makes her bed every morning.
She is strong.
She teaches gospel doctrine. 
She has a testimony...and shares it. 
She studies her scriptures every day.
She prays every day, for everyone else. 
She is selfless.
She can tell when it's going to be one of those "I forgot my..." phone calls,  and she still answers.
She is funny.
She once led us 4 hours in the wrong direction on family vacation...while looking at a GPS and a map.
She laughs.
Even when we are all laughing at her.
She works hard.
and doesn't get enough credit. 

So remember, when you feel like you don't do enough, you're not remembering enough what you do!

Happy Birthday Mom. 
There's no one else I'd rather run my race with.


Anonymous said...

Thank you sweetheart! You make my birthday and everyday brighter and better just by you being in it. Though I think you give me more credit than I deserve, I appreciate the kind words and that you would take the time to write them out! Thanks for being such an amazing and wonderful daughter! Love you! Mom

Mel said...

Yes, I agree Nicole.....loved your post. I kinda like your mom too. :)

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Nicole... what a wonderful tribute to your mother. I am sure that this post really touches her heart. I wish that I knew her. She sounds amazing.

I am in awe of all the morning shift temple workers. We love working in the temple but we are very glad that we were called to work the afternoon/evening shift.

I think it is so sweet of you to write this post about your mom. I wish her a belated happy birthday. We are both August birthday girls... I am just a much older birthday girl. How I wish that I could run a race... but I am way past that stage of life I'm afraid.
Have a great time running through life with your sweet mom. Hugs, Lura

Lindsey said...

It sounds weird but for some reason I got teary eyed about the part where your mom makes her bed everyday.