Monday, March 21

Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

Prom Checklist
1- Get asked. 
2- Wear a pretty dress.
3- Get picked up by a cute boy.
4- Take lots of pictures.
5- Ride in a fancy car.
6- Have my brother there... NOT as my date.
7- Go out to a nice dinner.
8- Slow dance.
9- Be in a group with my best friends.

Now that I can put a big check next to my high school years, it's time to move on to things that college kids do--like stay up all night, prank call assisted living centers, and go streaking on campus. Anyone?

(yes, my date is actually a part-time model.)
There you have it.
I have officially graduated high school.
(feel free to send cards, cash, and/or gifts)


Dona said...

Fun pictures! You looked really cute, actually, a little too cute to pull of the whole 80's prom thing. I was not convinced. You looked very 2011 to me. I am glad you had a good time and can now progress. Of course, you realize that if you leave the cupboard doors open you have only yourself to blame. Promlessness can no longer be used as an excuse.

Rob & Tiffany Draper said...

Nicole! Looks like fun! I love your pictures :)

Amie said...

Awesome Nicole. Awesome.

Mel said...

Did you know that your dad and I with others did the stay up all night thing several should ask him about it. Sorry, your mom was not a part of those wild times....until later. But that is another story. College is just too fun. Glad you had a blast at prom, but I am with Dona, not 80's much at all. It still looked so great though!

nicole said...

Yeah we tried to slide by without going totally 80's... we totally passed. What did you expect? This had to count as real prom for us. ;)