Sunday, March 6


High school was kind of a different experience for me.  I didn't do a lot of the things that normal high school kids do.  I won't make a list right now, because believe me-- it's extensive.  But one of those things  that I never did, that I actually wanted to experience, was the prom.

It's a good thing my parents have another daughter that will most likely get to do these things, because mom's love that stuff, and I would hate to have my teenage malfunction affect my her esteem as a parent.

I like to think that I was just so popular and intimidating, that all the boys were scared to ask me... so they just asked all my friends instead.  

Yep, I was that girl that while her friends were dancing away at what could potentially be one of the most magical nights of their entire lives, was hanging out at walmart trying to decide which brand of ice cream to buy.  

Luckily, Lindsey was right there with me: Prom night and dateless. So she understands perfectly. And I''m thankful in a way, because it's the perfect excuse as to why we do certain things. Like when I leave all the cupboards in kitchen wide open. Lindsey just says,  "Well, it's because you never went to prom." And that makes it ok.  I mean, I probably wouldn't have the habit of doing that if I had been able to go.   

I would never say that my high school years were my "glory days" (or days that I even want to remember at all).  I would say that my best years have presented themselves post-high school, and the holes inside me that high school experiences left void have been filled in different ways. 

But still... PROM.

Then the ward did something magical, something that would make my dreams come true. They will be having a prom.  An 80's PROM. 

(Honestly, it would work out better for me if the theme was something like "2005 prom", but beggars can't be choosers, and we are both excited. )

Lindsey and I have even roped in a couple fellas to take us.  You heard me right. Real live boys are taking us to a dance.

So on March 19th, the giant void in my teenage-hood will have been filled (almost 5 years later). 

It's going to be magical.
All my dreams will come true.

My name is Nicole.  I am 23 years old.

And I'm (finally) going to the PROM.


Mel said...

I am so thrilled for you! THat is way too exciting and I couldn't be happier for you to finally experience Prom. BTW....I never went to Prom in high school either. I was happy for college, so that I could finally go to one. Have fun---can't wait to hear all about it!

Amie said...

Ba ha ha. I love you guys so much! You'll have to tell me who's taking you, what you are going to wear, and all the other juicy details because I have to live the single life through you...since I'm just going to be a boring married person with a baby...

Spence said...

This absolutely just made my whole day! I am actually sad that I'm going to miss this prom... Lots of pictures please!

Dona said...

Well, I wouldn't for one minute suggest that you are going to be like me when you grow up for a bazillion reasons, the first being that you are way cooler than I will ever be, BUT I did note some interesting coincidences between the two of us in your promlessness which might be hereditary, or something. I, too, did not go to prom. Ever. Wally Wilkins said he was going to take me but another girl had already bought a dress so...(that is a long and complicated story.) I did however go to the movies (Psycho 2 or 3) with my best friend Sherri LINDSEY and there was definitely ice cream involved AND whenever I leave the cupboard doors open I know it is because of promlessness. Unfortunately, I have not had the good fortune of being given a second chance like you have. So go my niece and fly, be free, embrace your inner promness. Have fun and be sure to use lots of hair spray on those good lookin' 80's bangs.

Sam said...

You are so much cooler than a LOT of people I know who have gone to prom (including myself). Pretty sure your promlessness was because you were so popular and intimidating. I know that I always thought (and still do, actually) that you were SO popular and fun and intimidating. I'm pretty sure that was the reason. Have so much fun at the 80's prom! And pictures, please?

sarah said...

Why would you use some random photo when you could of so easily used your parents awesome wedding photos for some rad 80's illustrations? I must say that I distinctly remember your madre wearing four shades of eye shadow per eyelid for her wedding which I believe were... royal blue, bubblegum pink, deep violet and lightly lavender. Maybe your date can borrow your dad's totally cool white tuxedo with the perfectly pink cumberbun (don't forget the mullet as well). How fortunate for you to have such serious 80s stylist for parents...this really could be the best night ever.
Very funny post love. Tom and Iaughed out loud. Prom really is very important to future happiness and success--thank goodness you get to right that fatal wrong this coming weekend.

Dona said...

In regard to Sarah's comment, keep in mind that she is, after all, a former prom queen and mocker of all things
80's. She has spent much of her life denigrating her older siblings for not having the foresight to dress for the 90's while still in the 80's. So, while she can claim to enjoy your post, she does not GET your post the way some of your other followers get it. Especially those of us whose prom really did take place in the 80's even if we did not actually go to it.