Tuesday, October 18


The only constant thing in this world is change. 


Fall is my favorite season - as it is the same with many people.  There is something about the changing colors of the trees and the crisp bite in the air that makes me feel alive and causes my body to ache with the need to be outdoors. 

Maybe it's the excitement of a new season, maybe it's the silent goodbye's, but something just reminds me to take advantage of every moment.  More and more I am reminded that time is the most precious thing we have, and I don't want to look back and wonder what I did with it. 

{let me know if you figure it out}

Thursday, September 15


Dropped Josh of at the MTC last Wednesday.  Goodbye's are hard.

See you in two.  

Click HERE to see a video I made saying goodbye...
Click HERE to read his letters and visit his blog.

Thursday, August 11

Happy Birthday Mom

My Mom is Great.
But if you have ever met her, you know that already. 

She is the most genuine person I know. 
 She once returned a nickel she found in a vending machine. 
who does that?
{my mom does}
She is generous. 
She is always looking for people to serve whether it be making a meal for someone in the neighborhood, or buying groceries for a homeless man on the street.  
She loves music.
She is always looking for new "hip" songs on her iPod
She is brave.
She isn't afraid to walk away from a situation, or out of a movie... 
She is involved.
She attends most every soccer game,
                                     lacrosse match, 
                                  wrestling tournament, 
                                                  piano recital, 
                                                 basketball game, 
                                       parent teacher conference,
                                                               choir concert
                                                                   football game
She volunteers every week at 5:30 am at the temple.  
She is in the PTA at our schools.
She is involved in local politics, and she educates herself on issues
She loves our country. 
She is sensitive.
She cries in every movie that is slightly sad/romantic/sentimental
...like when the ferris wheel fell on Mighty Joe Young.
She loves and values family
She once made us drive 4 hours to Idaho, to be at a reunion for 2 hours, and drive back again.
She is a good example.
She makes her bed every morning.
She is strong.
She teaches gospel doctrine. 
She has a testimony...and shares it. 
She studies her scriptures every day.
She prays every day, for everyone else. 
She is selfless.
She can tell when it's going to be one of those "I forgot my..." phone calls,  and she still answers.
She is funny.
She once led us 4 hours in the wrong direction on family vacation...while looking at a GPS and a map.
She laughs.
Even when we are all laughing at her.
She works hard.
and doesn't get enough credit. 

So remember, when you feel like you don't do enough, you're not remembering enough what you do!

Happy Birthday Mom. 
There's no one else I'd rather run my race with.

Thursday, June 9

Open Mic

Through some serious coaxing and encouragement from some friends (i.e. Lindsey, Spencer, Jonny)  I summoned the guts to play and sing some of my songs at a local open mic.  It's scary for me to share my music with people because it represents deep emotions and personal experiences that are sometimes hard to put out there.  That thought alone sends my body into paralysis--leaving me wide eyed and shaking like a poodle on a shish-kabob stick.  I've got a long way to go. 

Here's one of my songs called "Could've Been"


I literally wouldn't be able to do it if it wasn't for my friends and family who came to support me, listen, and cheer loud at the end of every song.  I love you guys. 

More coming soon!  (Maybe...)

Saturday, May 21

I Wish I Was A Hamster.

I wish I was a hamster, so I could do this all the time.

Lindsey and I bought hamster balls. 
It's definitely one of the best purchases I have made in a long time.

Monday, May 16

New Yorkie

Lindsey's mom is convinced we are both going to end up dead.  
Or in a van down by the river.
Or Both.

Why? Because we get these ideas that always end up just on the other side of sane, but not close enough to full on crazy that anyone stops us.  Like my Grandma on QVC home shopping network.  

We met up with friends.

<--Me, Lindsey, and Kaitlan in Central Park!
--> Siri and Michael let us stay at their cute apartment and took us to some amazing places.  It was wonderful to spend some time with them.  They are so great!

                                                    We did artistic things... like museums.
And we had tons of fun.

New York... We miss ya.

Sunday, March 27


I have a tendency to bite of more than I can chew.  {It's unfortunate}
You think that I would learn from previous instances where I have done the same thing--with the same end result.  I'm the rat in the testing cage that keeps going for the kibble even though they get shocked, somehow thinking that this time, it's gonna be different.
I have been working at 1-800 CONTACTS for almost two and a half years.  Impressed? Don't be.  There's only so far a call center can take you before it takes your soul, and we were getting dangerously close to that point.  So it was time for me to get a new job.  And I did just that.

It's hard for me to let go of things, so I decided that I would just work both jobs. I've done this before and it didn't work out, but I was so sure this time I could handle it.  I found myself working from 9-6 PM at my new job --with a 2 hour break for my classes on Tuesday and Thursday, and then going to 1-800 CONTACTS to work 7 PM to Midnight.
Somewhere in my thought processes it should have dawned on me that 55+ hours a week at work on top of 15 credit hours at school is just too much.  And this seems obvious to most people, but to me it worked because I could pull out a sheet of paper and cram every hour of my day with something and not overlap. Makes sense.  I wish the voice of reason spoke louder to me.  Or maybe I've been shutting it up for so many years, I just can't hear it anymore.

Turns out my Dad is a pretty smart guy with some decently valuable advice.  He talked to me about Balance, which apparently means finding a happy medium for money-making work, school-work, and church and social activities, etc.

huh. That makes sense I guess.

I found this talk by M. Russell Ballard which helped put things into perspective.
"Think about your life and set your priorities. Find some quiet time regularly to think deeply about where you are going and what you will need to do to get there. Jesus, our exemplar, often “withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed” (Luke 5:16). We need to do the same thing occasionally to rejuvenate ourselves spiritually as the Savior did."
So I quit 1-800 CONTACTS, (Tick that one off the ever growing "to-do" list.) And I have never been happier.  Because now I have time to do things that scare my mom again. Like when she saw this picture of me on a longboard holding on to the outside of the car.


This time, I will learn.

Monday, March 21

Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

Prom Checklist
1- Get asked. 
2- Wear a pretty dress.
3- Get picked up by a cute boy.
4- Take lots of pictures.
5- Ride in a fancy car.
6- Have my brother there... NOT as my date.
7- Go out to a nice dinner.
8- Slow dance.
9- Be in a group with my best friends.

Now that I can put a big check next to my high school years, it's time to move on to things that college kids do--like stay up all night, prank call assisted living centers, and go streaking on campus. Anyone?

(yes, my date is actually a part-time model.)
There you have it.
I have officially graduated high school.
(feel free to send cards, cash, and/or gifts)

Sunday, March 6


High school was kind of a different experience for me.  I didn't do a lot of the things that normal high school kids do.  I won't make a list right now, because believe me-- it's extensive.  But one of those things  that I never did, that I actually wanted to experience, was the prom.

It's a good thing my parents have another daughter that will most likely get to do these things, because mom's love that stuff, and I would hate to have my teenage malfunction affect my her esteem as a parent.

I like to think that I was just so popular and intimidating, that all the boys were scared to ask me... so they just asked all my friends instead.  

Yep, I was that girl that while her friends were dancing away at what could potentially be one of the most magical nights of their entire lives, was hanging out at walmart trying to decide which brand of ice cream to buy.  

Luckily, Lindsey was right there with me: Prom night and dateless. So she understands perfectly. And I''m thankful in a way, because it's the perfect excuse as to why we do certain things. Like when I leave all the cupboards in kitchen wide open. Lindsey just says,  "Well, it's because you never went to prom." And that makes it ok.  I mean, I probably wouldn't have the habit of doing that if I had been able to go.   

I would never say that my high school years were my "glory days" (or days that I even want to remember at all).  I would say that my best years have presented themselves post-high school, and the holes inside me that high school experiences left void have been filled in different ways. 

But still... PROM.

Then the ward did something magical, something that would make my dreams come true. They will be having a prom.  An 80's PROM. 

(Honestly, it would work out better for me if the theme was something like "2005 prom", but beggars can't be choosers, and we are both excited. )

Lindsey and I have even roped in a couple fellas to take us.  You heard me right. Real live boys are taking us to a dance.

So on March 19th, the giant void in my teenage-hood will have been filled (almost 5 years later). 

It's going to be magical.
All my dreams will come true.

My name is Nicole.  I am 23 years old.

And I'm (finally) going to the PROM.

Monday, January 31

This is what happened.

This weekend I got a little bit BORED.

So I dyed my hair pink... and bought a guinea pig.

my mom says i'm impulsive.

Saturday, January 29


New year, new blog layout.  Maybe I'm becoming a little bit gangster in my early-to-mid twenties, because I was trying to think of a new name for the blog (because "Catch 22" doesn't work when you're, gulp, 23) and I couldn't get this song out of my head.

I got to thinking about what it is I blog about. Recently, it's been a whole lot of nothing, but that might change. just maybe.  And I don't really want to imply that my life is literally like graffiti on a wall behind a bar, but it goes along with my belief that sometimes the most beautiful things are found where you least expect them.   It's not to say that I even particularly like graffiti... it's just, well... yeah, ok sometimes I DO like it.

I'm trying out this theme: looking for the incredible in the most unincredible places.  Because I think sometimes we find what it is we are looking for.