Thursday, May 13

a thought

"Always when judging who people are,
remember to footnote the words: so far"

{Robert Brault}

I came across that quote the other day and haven't been able to get it out of my mind. This picture is my friend Brady on top of Arthur's seat in Edinburgh...getting ready to conquer it. He's pretty cool if you ask me. 

I think it fits.

Sunday, May 9

my mom

"No painter's brush, nor poet's pen
In justice to her fame
Has ever reached half high enough
To write a mother's name."
~Author Unknown
My Mom is Great.
But if you have ever met her, you know that already. 

She is the most genuine person I know. 
 She once returned a nickel she found in a vending machine. 
who does that?
{my mom does}
She is generous. 
She is always looking for people to serve whether it be making a meal for someone in the neighborhood, or buying groceries for a homeless man on the street.  
She loves music.
She is always looking for new "hip" songs on her iPod
She is brave.
She isn't afraid to walk away from a situation, or out of a movie... 
She is involved.
She attends most every soccer game,
                                     lacrosse match, 
                                  wrestling tournament, 
                                                  piano recital, 
                                                 basketball game, 
                                       parent teacher conference,
                                                               choir concert
She volunteers every week at 5:30 am at the temple.  
She is in the PTA at our schools.
She is involved in local politics, and tries her best to know what's going on
She loves our country. 
She is sensitive.
She cries in every movie that is slightly sad/romantic/sentimental
She loves and values family
She once made us drive 4 hours to Idaho, to be at a reunion for 2 hours, and drive back again.
She is a good example.
She makes her bed every morning.
She is strong.
She teaches gospel doctrine. 
She has a testimony...and shares it. 
She studies her scriptures every day.
She prays every day, for everyone else. 
She is selfless.
She will drop everything and do anything for you.
She is funny.
She once led us 4 hours in the wrong direction on family vacation...while looking at a GPS and a map.

She works hard.
and doesn't get enough credit. 

So remember, when you feel like you don't do enough, you're not remembering enough what you do!

Happy Mothers Day
to all the mothers I know. 
My three wonderful Grandmas- Where would I be without you?
My Aunts: 
My friends:
Grammy Staffy
and everyone else I forgot to write. I love you too. are pretty great.  We literally can't live without you. 

Thursday, May 6

new stuff

I decided to start another blog specially dedicated to my photos.  It probably won't have a lot of posts, but I hope you enjoy what I occasionally put up there!  You can check it out here, and I'll try to let you know when I put something up there so you can follow along if you want to. 

I also have a photography website I have been trying to get up.  It's a work in progress, with a temporary home at this address.  

I also put links to both of these websites right below my blog title...

Feedback is always welcome, I'd love to know what you think!

You're probably thinking...Two blog posts in two days? Is she OK
Yes I am, thanks for your concern.  
And to explain myself I'll just say that this post is in response to Marie's request.  You probably shouldn't expect this much online activity from me in the future...

Wednesday, May 5

good news

Good news everybody. During my absence, I survived  finals week, moved apartments, kept my job, created a website, and maintained my sanity...well mostly. That part is debatable. 

Having been out of school for only a week, it's only natural that summer semester starts tomorrow.  


Oh good. I didn't want a break anyways.

{I win again}

Today was great because I got to spend some time video chatting with the kids I used to nanny in England.  They are so ca-uute!  Though I'm pretty sure the only reason they like to video chat is so they can make faces into the camera.   

I love being able to talk with them face to face  from half a world away courtesy of skype.  
Note to self: brush up on "brittish-isms" before talking to my English friends next time.  Couch = Sofa, Trash = Bin, Yard = Garden, etc... this will avoid my speech being corrected by ten year olds.