Wednesday, December 1

Half Marathon

I am not a runner. In fact, I hate running.
Like I really hate it.  

I couldn't really tell you why I decided to run a half marathon, but I did.  It was kinda fun, and surprisingly not as hard as I thought I would be.  Next time, I'd actually like to do a full marathon...though you may have to scrape me off the pavement at the finish line.  I think I'll give it a try.

My mom and I did the "Shun the Sun" half marathon race in Mesa on November 13th.  It was so much fun to get to run, get free stuff, get away from the Utah cold weather, and hang out with family. 

At Hohoken stadium before the race

 This was about mile 1
 Home stretch:mile 13!
 Me and mom after the race

Me and Grandpa
 We got to run across home plate at Hohoken stadium to finish, where my native Chicago Cubbies practice during the winter. Here we are chillin in the dugout.

It was a great run on a perfect day.  And now I find myself looking for more races to sign up for... oh no.  If I'm not careful, I think I could actually end up enjoying this sport.

please no.


Spence said...

WAHOO! good job! I couldn't do that... or maybe you've inspired me? haha

Marie said...

Nicole you are just the most amazing gal! Is there anything you can't do? I think not! I am in awe of you! Way to go you and your mum! xxoo

Amie said...

I'm completely jealous! You've done what I haven't yet, and I actually semi-enjoy running. Good for you Cole! It looks like it was fun.

Anonymous said...

So fun to run with my girl! And I never would have done it if it wasn't for you! So, sign me up for the next one, but only if I get to train and run with you! Love ya!