Thursday, May 6

new stuff

I decided to start another blog specially dedicated to my photos.  It probably won't have a lot of posts, but I hope you enjoy what I occasionally put up there!  You can check it out here, and I'll try to let you know when I put something up there so you can follow along if you want to. 

I also have a photography website I have been trying to get up.  It's a work in progress, with a temporary home at this address.  

I also put links to both of these websites right below my blog title...

Feedback is always welcome, I'd love to know what you think!

You're probably thinking...Two blog posts in two days? Is she OK
Yes I am, thanks for your concern.  
And to explain myself I'll just say that this post is in response to Marie's request.  You probably shouldn't expect this much online activity from me in the future...


Marie said...

haha, I love your honesty Nicole!! I had a look at your other blog and your website! YOu really do GO girl! I have long admired your photography skills. I predict great success in this area of your life! You are very talented and I mean that sincerely! Love you loads sweet friend!!

PS Did you get to visit Chester when you were over here?? If not, well now you have the perfect place to stay and explore this wonderful walled and historical city (Our place of course and for free!) and also it is the gateway to North Wales, which is (in my opinion) the prettiest part! xxoo

skousenmom said...

Amazing daughter of mine---I don't know where you got all your talents, but you really do shine! Love you! Mom