Sunday, May 9

my mom

"No painter's brush, nor poet's pen
In justice to her fame
Has ever reached half high enough
To write a mother's name."
~Author Unknown
My Mom is Great.
But if you have ever met her, you know that already. 

She is the most genuine person I know. 
 She once returned a nickel she found in a vending machine. 
who does that?
{my mom does}
She is generous. 
She is always looking for people to serve whether it be making a meal for someone in the neighborhood, or buying groceries for a homeless man on the street.  
She loves music.
She is always looking for new "hip" songs on her iPod
She is brave.
She isn't afraid to walk away from a situation, or out of a movie... 
She is involved.
She attends most every soccer game,
                                     lacrosse match, 
                                  wrestling tournament, 
                                                  piano recital, 
                                                 basketball game, 
                                       parent teacher conference,
                                                               choir concert
She volunteers every week at 5:30 am at the temple.  
She is in the PTA at our schools.
She is involved in local politics, and tries her best to know what's going on
She loves our country. 
She is sensitive.
She cries in every movie that is slightly sad/romantic/sentimental
She loves and values family
She once made us drive 4 hours to Idaho, to be at a reunion for 2 hours, and drive back again.
She is a good example.
She makes her bed every morning.
She is strong.
She teaches gospel doctrine. 
She has a testimony...and shares it. 
She studies her scriptures every day.
She prays every day, for everyone else. 
She is selfless.
She will drop everything and do anything for you.
She is funny.
She once led us 4 hours in the wrong direction on family vacation...while looking at a GPS and a map.

She works hard.
and doesn't get enough credit. 

So remember, when you feel like you don't do enough, you're not remembering enough what you do!

Happy Mothers Day
to all the mothers I know. 
My three wonderful Grandmas- Where would I be without you?
My Aunts: 
My friends:
Grammy Staffy
and everyone else I forgot to write. I love you too. are pretty great.  We literally can't live without you. 


Anonymous said...

my mom is a truly one of a kind mom. she is very supportive for me and for kimmy. always telling me what would help me and teaching me to always be in places that i want to be in. i am not only thankful but GRATEFUL for a mom like you. i love you and have a happy mothers day you deserve it!
love sue.

Dona said...

Wow! Thanks for including me in your post. Your mom is all of those things you wrote about. She is a great example.

I love your new blog and the website. You are an amazing photographer. I am glad you are going to post more of your photos.

Anonymous said...

not only did she go to every lacrosse game she took over 1000 pictures and volunteered to do other things for the lacrosse parents! She can accomplish anything!

Anonymous said...

you are the nicest mom ever you are so cool and you help us with lots of things. Thank you for being pretty.


Mel said...

WOW--I wish I knew your mother. WAIT! I do. :) She is a great lady and I am happy to call her friend. But how come I wasn't included on your list??? (I know half the people that were) Hope you spoiled her today.

skousenmom said...

It's taken me this long to find words to express my thanks to a daughter who would say such wonderful things about her mother. I am grateful she can see me through such rose colored glasses. But the truth is, I am just so lucky to have the amazing children I do. As any of you who know Nicole know, she is so amazingly multi-talented that I just stand back in awe and wonder how she can be MY daughter. Of course, then I remember who her dad is, so it all makes sense! :) Thank you my sweet girl for your kind words. But truly, I am the lucky one to be your mom!

Marie said...

Nicole? Why did I not get any updates on your blog?? I dunno!! Sorry I missed this. I was lucky enough to meet your family in TW and it was very plain to me why you are such a great young gal! You have a fab mom and family! Oh, when you coming to chester??? (I am dreaming here!!)