Wednesday, May 5

good news

Good news everybody. During my absence, I survived  finals week, moved apartments, kept my job, created a website, and maintained my sanity...well mostly. That part is debatable. 

Having been out of school for only a week, it's only natural that summer semester starts tomorrow.  


Oh good. I didn't want a break anyways.

{I win again}

Today was great because I got to spend some time video chatting with the kids I used to nanny in England.  They are so ca-uute!  Though I'm pretty sure the only reason they like to video chat is so they can make faces into the camera.   

I love being able to talk with them face to face  from half a world away courtesy of skype.  
Note to self: brush up on "brittish-isms" before talking to my English friends next time.  Couch = Sofa, Trash = Bin, Yard = Garden, etc... this will avoid my speech being corrected by ten year olds. 


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Those are ur kids? They look like fun :)

saw your website & other blog too--super cool!


Marie said...

What's this about a website and another blog? I want in on this!! Now Nicole, you must know by now that there is no rest for the wicked!!! That is why you and I are such busy gals!!! Love you loads and was so happy to see a post from you! You don't post near often enough girl!! You need to do it more! xxoo