Thursday, April 8

I'm Thinking

You are pretty great. 
There are so many people out there that would trade places with you in a heart beat. 
You are smart, and everyone loves you 
Especially me, and don't you forget it.
When your feet get tired and you want to give up,
just keep going. 
You are stronger than you know. 
Just tell yourself good things. 

And believe me, you can.
{photo taken at the great salt lake}

I have recently been intrigued and enlightened 
It's amazing, really. 
Our thoughts are powerful
we can have anything we want
we can be anything we want
just think about it
{cause it makes sense}

"When you set a goal and commit yourself to the necessary self-discipline to reach that goal, you will eliminate most of the problems in your life.  Spend your energies doing those things that will make a difference.  Then you become what you think about."

--M. Russell Ballard
{"Go For It" October 1981}

I highly suggest these books to anyone and everyone:

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
The Master Key System by Charles Haanel

you won't be disappointed.


Lynette Pyne said...

I love those books especially as a man thinketh. It is so true. Most importantly because God loves us he gives us blessings. Love it!

krista said...

I also love those books. And that quote! M. Russell is the man...I know his grandson...he is also the man...Awesome.

Dona said...

Is that how you got your dad to let you take that California trip? A little law of attracting, or is that attractioning? Way to go. I haven't heard of the Master Key System. I'll look it up.

Audrey said...

Thanks for this Nicole!! love you girl!

Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Nicole,
WHAT A WONDERFUL BLOG YOU HAVE!!! I love this post. You have inspired me today. I am going to think disciplined.. and make my goal become reality.

My daughter Lynell told me about "The Secret". She is impressed with it. I need to read it.
Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog today.... and thanks for getting my week off to a good start with this motivational post.
Hugs, Grammy Lura

Grammy Staffy said...

p.s I just read your post about coming to CA. We live in So. Ca. so next time you come you must stay at our house. You can enjoy Grammy and Grampy's B&B. Our house gets lonesome for young people to fill it up with youthful energy.
I am glad that you had a nice trip.