Sunday, April 18

Good Thing It's Sunday

A simple phrase, commonly said in over 800 languages across the globe since the beginning of time. And we all need to hear it... you know, every once in a while.  Sometimes the most meaningful expressions of those very words are not even spoken, but said just as plainly through our actions. Today I was reminded of that.

I'm not generally a person that likes to be alone.  
There. I said it. Surprised? You shouldn't be. 
 I genuinely enjoy the company of other people, which is kind of unfortunate cause I live in a place with just one other girl.  It's weird.
And the people upstairs make the ceiling squeak. 
I really hate don't like it. At all. 

Another fun fact about me is that I 
thoroughly enjoy a good pity party.
{So if you are in need of one, I am your go-to girl}
I was doing just that when my old roommate & soul sister Julia called me up. It was not possible for her to have more perfect timing. 

Good Friends
{& sunday walks}
This girl is AWESOME. She is always thinking about other people. And not only does she think about them, but she acts on those thoughts, which makes her a miracle worker. (slash pity-party canceler)
Yep. She's THAT great.

So just remember, that when we are in the service of other people, we are in the service of our Lord. And as we serve Him, we grow closer to Him.  And the closer we are to Him, the more fully we feel of His love for us.

And that makes us happy.
And being happy is what it's all about my friends.
"Adam fell that men might be...
and men are that they might have joy"

...And finals week is to remind me 
that I'm not as smart as I think I am...
And that I should probably study harder next semester.

{oh boy}


Julia Kay said...

i am adoring this new blog-ness. thank you for the shout raise me up colie-o.

couldn't have been a more perfect sunday. i think we should adopt sunday walks!

just love you. just love you.

Dona said...

I don't think you are as good at pity parties as you like to think you are. You do seem to be on the look out for parties in general, however.

I liked your post. They are always so great. Good luck with your finals.

Marie said...

Nicole, Nicole, Nicole . . . I love you sooooo much!!! ((((hugs)))) I miss you too! You will have to save your pennies up and come and visit us here in Chester, the gate way to Northern Wales! xxoo

Anonymous said...

I love you, Nicole !
You are a joy !

Great blog post -
A Sunday walk with a friend right now while the world is in bloom is lots more fun than a pity party.

As to finals -
Study up & power up with the positive - you are smart you can do what ever it takes !


Amie said...

I love you Colie! I'm so excited to have lunch with you tomorrow. You really rock my world girl friend. :)

Tiffany said...

Oh Nicole I just love you so much! If you ever want someone to hang out with PLEASE call me! I will be in provo over the summer and will be looking for anything to do and fun people to be with- that would include you! Love you lots!

Grammy Staffy said...

I love all of the scriptures you put into this blog. What a nice blog on this first Sunday of May.

Good luck on your finals. I hope that you do well.
Hugs, Lura

Alyssa Christine Evenson aka Ali. said...

i just spent a good chunk of time on your blog. i don't read it enough. i resolve to read it more. love you and love thinking back on our memories girl.