Sunday, March 14

Older & Wiser

Dear Sir Elton John,
          You got it wrong.
            Sorry isn't the hardest word.
                    Goodbye is.

         Your Most Loyal Fan,
{confused? See here}

Brady Wiser and I have been friends on this green earth 
since February 20, 1988 {his birthday} 

...back to when pooping your pants was the cool thing to do 
(and boy were we cool)
{here we are at lake michigan, age 3}

Brady came to visit this past week, and he spent 35 long hours on a train just to get here.  

loved it when we: went dancing & saw movies
played basketball against 14 year old girls (and lost.)
went to a party & out for pizza
Played pool & ate mexican food at midnight
stayed up too late playing apples to apples

didn't love it when we had to say goodbye.
Brady joined the army and signed on for 3 and a half years, and today he goes into boot camp.  I'm going to miss him, but I'm grateful that he's chosen to serve our country. 
Godspeed my friend, until we meet again.