Wednesday, March 25

just keeps gettin' better

After a short hiatus, I finally clicked on my blogger link on my toolbar and decided (after being heckled at a family get know who you are...) that I should probably put an update on here. As per usual, I am busy, but not the exciting busy that originally initiated this blog. No, its school, work, homework, occasional sleep time, and if I'm really lucky...a shower. So you see there is no time for me to blog. But today, my friends, I'm foregoing my shower just to write, so you should feel good about that--good because you get to see some pictures, read my commentary, and get all caught up on my life, without having to smell me while I write this.

My roommates aren't so lucky.

Lets just touch on a couple of highlights this semester:

First of all, Heidi left for her mission to Tacoma, Washington February 11th! The first couple weeks were hard to adjust to without her attached to my hip, but its great to have her out there!

Also, Jared made the transition from MTC to Argentina! So far the food isn't all it was cracked up to be, he is always hungry, dogs try to chew him, it smells like poop, he doesn't really understand spanish as well as he thought he did, and the poor boy makes a potty break every 10 minutes...but he is having the time of his life!

(Now for the really exciting stuff)


First trip with my roommates, fun fun fun! One of my roommates is actually from sin city so we were able to stay at her house, and get fed by her parents. This allowed us to be able to be a little bit more liberal with our funds, and splurge on rides at the Stratosphere.

This is us just as we bought our tickets...before going up the 109 stories to the top of the Stratosphere. On the lineup first was the BIG SHOT, which is just like it sounds. And since every time my family has ever passed through Vegas on a vacation they have denied my of my right to pursue thrills at this particular site, I took great pleasure in calling my dad at the top and telling him that I DID IT!

And after that adrenaline pumper we just had to keep going, so we rode the INSANITY. The name, again, very fitting. This one propels you off the edge of the building, leaving you to dangle, and wonder the entire time if THIS time the ride will break down and sent you diving head first to your death. After getting off the ride and feeling lucky that we survived, we tested our fate one more time on the X-SCREAM ride, which in my opinion, was the scariest of them all!

This one takes you out and dangles you off the side of the Stratosphere, but it spins you in sickening circles as well. The other rides I was scared, and then ok...but every moment on this ride felt like my last...and it was incredible!

View from the top!
(Dark. Windy. Freezing. Amazing.)

We also spent time at the Venician, and Bellagio hotels, the M&M and Coke Factory, and just hanging out on the strip.
The Gondolas inside the Vencian... so cool! I felt like I was in Venice again!

The Bellagio had the most amazing gardens with Iceland Poppies!

The M&M Factory

(don't tell my mom.)

It also turns out that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was doing a house the weekend we were there really close to my where my roommate's family lives.... so we popped over there in hopes of seeing Ty Pennington.
(please ignore my shoes)

A security guard that travels with the show...he was our friend.

And what are the odds of coming across an authentic British car with the steering wheel on the right and everything? HONESTLY.

Moving right along...

Last night, I went to the TAKE ACTION tour concert.
it was Incredible.

We got to see a great lineup:

Every Avenue
Breath Carolina
Meg & Dia

Here's us, loving the concert.

And here's the concert, loving us.

(So basically what I'm saying is that)
"Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can"