Sunday, January 18


As anybody who has previously read my blog would know, one of my greatest loves in life is the taking of photographs. I love to take pictures of anything and everything, but especially people. Recently I was able to take Jared's pre-mission pictures, and they turend out so well, I was asked to do Joe's mission pictures too! I really enjoy doing this, and I didn't know how much I would like doing it in more of a "studio" (if you can call it that!) setting. See, A couple months ago I buckled down and sprung for a small studio set which included both a black and white background, a hanger, and two umbrella lights. Not too shabby, and with a decent camera, I think the pictures turned out quite well! I am pretty excited with the result. The first two are the pictures both boys chose for their plaques, and the last one is just a photo that I thought turned out nice from the shoot.

Both boys are now off and in the Missionary Training Center, and I wish them both the best of luck, they are going to be great.

Sunday, January 4

the latest in hollywood videos

The first video here is a very late, Merry Christmas shout-out to all of you


And this is a video from our trip to Disneyland

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!