Thursday, November 6

One quick word...

In light of the recent election, I thought that my friend Sarah had some very well-written words concerning the outcome. I encourage all of you to read her post here and if you want a good read, check out the rest of her blog as well! This post is definitely not to be missed.

Also, I thought I too would like to the two candidates speeches and encourage everyone who (somehow) hasn't heard them, to take a minute and listen to both McCain's speech, and our president-elect, Barack Obama. If (by chance) you don't have time for that speech, I thought this was a good, shorter alternative.

one fine day...there was a war.

This was one of those days. One of those days that you wake up and can immediately tell that it's going to be a good one. The snow came down in flurries and there was aready 4 inches on the ground when I woke up. Yes, 4 glorious inches. I spent the morning doing what hard-working college kids do: Homework. Then busted out my gloves and hat to head out into the magical weather. I was home alone, with mom gone and none of the kids to play with, I was feeling a little lonely. In fact, I probably would have gone completely insane had it not been for Jack (my dog) keeping me company. Anybody watching me would have probably opted to check me into the looney bin, because after all, isn't that what you do to people who carry on full conversations with themselves and their "dog", when they are the ones on both sides of the conversation? Yeah. Good thing I was alone. Jack and I decided to build a snowman. I think the neighbors passing were thinking..."is that??? no.... Nicole? alone? making a... well I can't tell what that is". It's true. My snow "man" looked more like a snow "thing".

My trusty, well spoken partner.

Alas, not withstanding the strange glares and the near collisions I caused, my final product was something beautiful.

Yes. My name is Nicole. I am 20 years old. And when I am home alone...I make snowmen up to par with a first grader. And ya know what? I am Proud!

Part of the reason I made the snow-thing in the first place was because nobody would be home to greet the kids as they came from school. So I hired this guy to do the job, and he did it most cheerfully. And then, in some tragic twist of fate, he was caught in the cross-fire of a pretty nasty little snow fight. When I came home from work I found my friend in bits across the lawn, and his mishapen head resting in the flowerbed, blueberry eyes still intact. I was heart broken. I had to find the culprit, and my gut told me where to go to get the confession. Josh.

I did the only thing I to do in this situation... take a hostage.

Sometimes...revenge is so sweet....
(especially when revenge is capable of baking a delicious assortment of cakes and pastries, sure to sooth any broken heart)

Yes, I kidnapped the doughboy and made a list of demands. The note goes as follows:

Dear Josh,

If you want your precious Doughboy back in one piece (a courtasy not hitherto given to my snowman) you must meet the following terms:

1- submit to be my working slave for one hour.
2- massage my feet for 20 minutes (or to my complete satisfaction. outside of the hour above)
3- Take me to see High School Musical 3....and pay. Also, I want wingers, and popcorn.

If these terms are not met by 6:34PM on November the 12th, your precious doughboy will be decapitated, and dropped from the 3rd floor of 1800-Contacts to his death.

Now if anything happens to doughboy, remember, it's not my fault! I will update you when the 12th draws nearer....

Until then, the doughboy won't see the light of day!