Monday, October 20

What can I say...

Who would have ever thought that being home would bring so much excitement every week? I didn't. When I was in England I tried to do something every week, because my time there was so limited. This has been a principle I have been trying to apply in my life at home, and it's not that my time is limited per say, but its all about living the moment, and trying to make the most out of every day. So in between my 15 credit hours of school and 35 hours a week at work, I am finding time to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. Before I go any further, let me just spill the news that has had me squealing since day one. Jared got his mission call. I have never been good at waiting for things, and I am pretty sure I topped Jared on the anxiety charts every time we checked the mail. If I hadn't been at work when the call finally came (on a Saturday) I probably would have steamed the letter open and attempted a re-seal before anyone else had even realized it was here.

Argentina, here he comes! (I call Jared's iPod)
Speaking of people going places, my friend Maria recently took of to the other side of the world, a place that is 14 hours ahead of us, and almost as exciting as tomorrowland--China. We attended the Italian festival in Salt Lake before she took off, and it was so exciting, we just ended up taking pictures in front of old brick buildings and graffiti.

And speaking of Salt Lake City and going places (I am trying to keep a structure here...) Heidi and I have decided that every Tuesday is not just a Tuesday, but a SUPER TUESDAY. This means that we do something super--the definition of which being rather loose. Most of the activities on this day include things that I have never done before. And I know what your mean there are actually enough things to do in Utah, that you haven't done them all in your, what is it now, 13 years of living there? And the answer is no. Surprising? Not really. You just have to know where to look!

I have never been to the Great Salt Lake.
Nope, never. So off we went just in time for the sunset, and it was so great that my camera battery died, so pictures are limited. This was honestly, the most incredible place I have ever seen a sunset. Ever.

We Went up the canyon as soon as it snowed.
Some people don't look forward to the snow the same way I do. I just love it! In fact, when there isn't enough on the ground at my house, I go searching for more. And that's what we did, and snow we did find!
Some super tuesdays are camera-less.
And only now did I realize that some of our more recent adventures have not involved a camera, but that doesn't mean they weren't amazing!

Today I went hiking with my dad and my brother.

If anybody is sick of pictures of trees and leaves...just scroll

And this is the tree that greets me from my window every morning.
He's a happy tree.
I think Siera loves the fall (almost) as much as I do!

And finally, wrapping things up. I can't believe I am old enough to have friends home from missions. We have had 2 homecomings in 2 weeks, and my friend Siri's farewell, and it doesn't stop there. They are just going to keep rolling in for the next 8 or so months. It's so fun to have these homecomings and farwells (for the girls!) where I get to see my high school friends again. And I think it's true what they say about your high school friends being your friends for life, because even though it's been so long since we have seen each other...its almost like nothing has changed. I just love it.

It's been crazy, but I hope it never slows down!


Marie said...

Nicole, I just loved reading this post and I am loving the new look of the blog too. I guess it's about time you changed it huh? I have loved reading about all your goings on and seeing the pictures. You sure are one busy gal!! But then what's new!!! You've always been the kind of gal that could pack more living into one day than anyone else I know! Miss you mucho grande!!! XXOO

supersue said...

I love the new look! Utah is a fabulous place. I especially love the Slick. I can't think of any other major city that you can go from downtown to the mountains in 5 to 10 minutes. When Tom and I went to southern Utah this summer we were overhelmed with the roadtrip possibilities. Anyway, back to your post--your pics are beautiful, just beautiful. I scrolled very slowly through the autumn leaves. love ya!

*TAMI* said...

I love your idea of super Tuesday. I need to start doing something like that! Seriously, I think my kiddos would really benefit from it! I love looking at your blog, your pictures are incredible! I love the sunset over the Salt Lake. That's one to frame and hang on a wall! I am so excited for Jared! I can't believe he is all ready going on a mission! Derek and I are going to try to come Saturday, but I've got to get details from your mom!!

Amie said...

I still LOVE your blog! I miss you girl. But I'm glad to see you are enjoying home and living life to its fullest. You are amazing. :) Keep taking pictures.

Mark said...

looks like fun, england is pretty too this time of year. It would be prettier if you were here!

Cody and Amy said...

i love your blog and i love that you are having the best time of your life oh AND i love your photography, girl skip comunications you have a gift here!!! jk do what you want but dang you are good! can i call you when ella is born and you can take her pics?! i would love you forever for that!!