Wednesday, October 8

Hello Fall

I have been just dying to go to Park City and do the Alpine Slide ever since I have been home, and yesterday, I finally dragged some friends up there with me. My dad was even so generous as to let us take the convertible, and it was wind-in-the-face good the whole ride up there. Fall is my favorite season, what with the slightly cooler temperatures and the changing leaves. Mix that with a little alpine slide, friends, art galleries, Arbys, and star gazing and you have the perfect day in your pocket.
On the lift

After finishing up with the slide and the art galleries on main street, we grabbed some dinner at Arby's and waited for the sun to go down before heading back to the car. We drove up Gardman's pass, which goes all through the mountains, to get to the top and go star gazing. Before we sat back and relaxed though, we noticed that the snow wasn't too far away from us, so we hiked a little ways up the mountain to get to it! First snow of the season!
Now here we are star-gazing. It was so perfect up on top of the mountain, and the convertible's open top made things very convenient for watching the stars!


Anonymous said...

fun! whose the boy?
miss you

Marie said...

Love it!!! Wonderful pictures that only make me miss you MORE!!! Looks like you had such a great time with your friends and the scenery is spectacular and hey, send us some of that snow this Christmas eh? I miss that too . . . snow, at Christmas that is . . .you can keep it the rest of the year. ;-)

Anonymous said...

WOW! You've done it again Nicole ! Your photo, creative, and expressive talents shine in the way you capture the joys of nature - autumns colors, star gazing, friends and living life with zest! You are a joy!


Cody and Amy said...

haha i love seeing park its so fun!! i am glad you guys all play still that is quite exciting!! and i am also glad that i can stalk your blog, keep it updated please! have a super great day, love amy

Grammy Staffy said...

What beautiful pictures...glad that you are having so much fun.

welcome home...even though I know that Marie really misses you.

*TAMI* said...

Looks so fun! I love the pictures of the trees-autumn colors are so beautiful! I am not so excited about your handful of snow! I am not ready for winter!!!