Monday, July 14

a little Wicked moment

If you read the last post, you know that I promised bleeders that I would post some of my wicked Wicked video as soon as I could. And wait no longer my friends, for that moment has arrived! I sat front row with camera in hand, unfortunately I am trying ever so hard to conceal my camera (from who??? the cast??? I don't know...) so the footage includes stunning shots of my finger and handbag. I do have some footage from the second act of the play on a second memory disk that does not include finger footage, but I cant get that on here. When I do, I will post it! This video doesn't exactly do justice the girl that played the role of Elphaba, because she was absolutely incredible, but it gives you just a little front-row (sitting behind a bag) taste! Video includes 2 bits of the Wizard and I and Defying Gravity at the end, so if you haven't seen it and don't want to be spoiled by prematurely seeing how the staging or anything is done, then don't watch it. :) Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

Oh wow I just love wicked! I am in love with the music and I want to see it someday!! Great Vid, thanks!


Marie said...

That looks fabulous Nic! I have long wanted to see that show. I guess I better start saving my pennies! Was so much fun having you here on Monday night. We are so going to miss you girl. *sniff *sniff don't forget though ... you have a bed at ours whenever, forever!

Grammy Staffy said...

My Erin loved wicked so much that she flew back to New York last summer with a friend just to see it again.

John and I saw it in L.A. and we loved it too. I wish I could take all of my grandkids to see it.

Glad that you had a nice time.

skousenmom said...

Wicked sure is great! I think you can officially forgive us for not getting to see it in Arizona now! Once in New York and TWICE, front row, in London! You are truly spoiled! Glad you had such a great time. Looking forward to having you home soon! Mom

Marie said...

Update, Update, UPdate!!! I am suffering from withdrawel symptoms here!!