Wednesday, June 11

Adventures of an off-week

So my life has been a little bit...unblogged lately. Let me fill you in on the past couple weeks. First up, the Ide Hill Village fair. A fantastic event that, on a sunny fair day, will bring roughly 4,000 people to our lovely little village. A few weeks before the fair begins, everyone makes these little Scarecrows and put them around their homes, the village green, in trees, etc. Half the time they would make me jump or have me waving at them because i actually thought they were real people. I mean that completely seriously. There was this one hiker girl mannequin-scarecrow (who I don't have a picture of) that someone put right next to the bus stop, and every time I came around the corner for the first week she was there I thought there was a person about to dive in front of me on the road and I would hit my breaks really hard--much to the dismay of my passengers. I think maybe some others had the same problem I did...because someone took off her head...twice.

Unfortunately on the day of the fair the great English weather kicked in and did what it does best--rain. This really knocked down turnout numbers by quite a bit, though I was surprised still at the amount of people that still showed up. When you consider that American Baseball is canceled when there is so much as a cloud in the sky, these guys put out full on fairs in freezing temperatures and buckets of rain...its quite a contrast. The weather doesn't bother them, or rather, they don't let the weather bother them. I admire every single person who stood out there for the entire day. I, on the other hand, had to take my outside in shifts. What can I say...I just don't like being soaked and cold (but at least I wasn't stuck on a horse...see Wet Windy Wales).

Inside the church there were loads of flower displays under the theme "The High Street".

Gems trying to knock coconuts off their stands. If you knock one off, you get to keep it!
Gemma: 0
(but Callum shared his with Gems...poor girl, she tried so hard, she just couldn't hit anything but tarp!)

Village Tug-O-War
Just one of the many events put on to keep the blood flowing. Really a shame that i didn't get any pictures of the cheese rolling. For anyone unfamiliar with this fantastic activity, let me explain. Someone takes a big round of cheese, sets it rolling down a hill, and a whole bunch of people chase it to the bottom. The first person to get the cheese is the winner, and they get to keep the delicious lump that they caught. It's sort of strange, but loads of fun!

The day of the fair was only the beginning of a fun filled week of half term. See, in America (or Utah at least) we get...oh...maybe one day off school for half term, these guys get a whole flippin week! This meant I was responsible for entertainment of the kiddies all day, every day, for 4 days (there was minus one because of the fair). I must admit I was secretly dreading this week of break because it meant I couldn't stick to my regular routine, but we ended up having a really nice time!

We did some baking....

Some bowling....

Some exploring....

Our picnic!

this rabbit was gigantic, like, literally the size of a badger. This must be what was eating people on Monty Python. I was scared.

All this in the Enchanted Forest. It didn't stop raining the whole time we were there...the fairies must have had the day off.

the kids are tree huggers.

We played a game of giant the rain.

Some Shopping....

I went with my friend Lyn to Ikea and Costco for the first time here in the UK, it was lots of fun, and we bought lots of food for the church activity and tested out all the sofas!
Some Bleeding....

It's a battle wound.

Some Flippin....

I taught Gems how to do a front flip, and she did it beautifully with a landing!

What a FAB week!