Wednesday, May 14

Picture Time

"Photography takes an instant out of time,
altering life by holding it still."
--Dorothea Lange

As all my bleeders probably know, I am quite passionate about taking pictures. I snap snap snap until the people I am photographing can no longer see straight and their mouths are incapable of releasing their smile, or my camera simply goes into overload-mode and gives up on me. It's always something, because once I put my finger on that magical button--I simply can't stop. Thank heavens for digital photography, without it, I would be broke from developing costs. Also, I don't have to deal with the complaints from my brother telling me I am wasting film. (Now he just accuses me of wasting battery, but I can handle that one.) Anyways, I told the kids we were going to have a photo shoot, and believe it or not, they jumped for joy and ran up the stairs to get changed as quickly as possible. We just went into the back garden for these, and I hope to take them out sometime soon and take some more because they are amazingly photogenic, and the scenery here is stunning.

This is my favourite one from the day!
I think it should be on an add for a children's play set. ;)

As you can see, it was barrels of fun...for me at least. I think the kids will re-think their hasty reaction to the words photo and shoot in the same sentence next time. I am happy because I got a few good shots! Boy am I going to miss these kids when I leave.



Marie said...

I think those kids are really going to miss you Nicole!!! It works both ways. I know we're all going to miss you tremendously! You have a real talent for photography and media. I really hope that you do something in life that explores this natrual talent of yours. You could not fail to be a success at it, but I expect that with your natural exuberance and wonderful personality you could be a success at almost anything you put your hand to! I Love the first picture most of all, great action shot!!! Do I have a guy for you, unfortunately he doesn't get off of his mission until September. I could give you his e-mail addy though. (He's in Malaga, Spain) He's one of those guys that's really handsome and yet doesn't know he is! (the best kind!) and he's really really nice. His name is Neil. you want?

Dona and co. said...

Let me speak to Marie's question by pointing out that all the letters in Neil are also in Nicole. He's on a mission in Spain which means he'll want to go back there someday. (Nicole loves Spain)
Handsome and doesn't know it! As long as he wants to live in Utah it
sounds like a match to me!
Aunt doesn't-know-how-to-mind-her-own-business Dona

skousenmom said...

Hmmm, I agree that Nicole has a wonderful talent for pictures and media. It has been a great boon in our family! We know you all will miss her, but then you know how we have been feeling for a year! Still, I am soooo grateful that she has had the opportunity to live over there and meet all of you! Can't wait until we get to meet you too. Nicole's mum

Al your Pal said...

NICOLE! That first one.. holy schniks! It looks freakin pro! way to be awesome possum.. yes i do read your blog. woot go us Europeans.

Marie said...

NICHOLE!!!! CHECK YOUR MESSAGES ON FACEBOOK!!! (Yes, that's me shouting, tee hee!)