Monday, May 5

Oh what do you do?

Bank holiday weekend. Time off. Kids away. What's a girl to do with lots of spare time and no spare money? I was fortunate today because we had...(drumroll please)... SUNSHINE! It's a novelty around here, which means everyone and their dog (literally) goes out--which makes going anywhere like waiting in line for space mountain at Disneyland. Oh well, I survived. Today I went to the park. And I assure you, it was more exciting than I am letting on. See, March/April is Daffodil season, and there are amazing yellow flowers popping up between cracks, the sides of the road, in the middle of name it. They are everywhere! Well now it is Bluebell season, and I have been highly anticipating the arrival of these little beauties! I know you may say to yourself, 'how many pictures can someone take of the same flower before it gets old?' Answer: It never gets old! I took so many pictures of bluebells my camera almost exploded. I love this time of year because now everything is turning green...the trees...the rocks...the roads... I guess they call Kent the Garden of England for a reason! The bluebells give a nice contrast to the green, its absolutely stunning.

Well, thats my weekend in a nutshell. The Park. I had an incredible urge to go the the beach today, but unfortunately the traffic was too bad and I didn't have enough time or else I would have, its only a 30 minute drive. I decided to move it onto next weekend's agenda, hopefully it is sunny! If I'm lucky--you will be looking at pictures of the English Channel next week!


Nenos said...

See Please Here

Marie said...

Ahhh bluebells. DOn't you just love them! Fantastic pictures Nic! Don't you just want to gather them all up and take em home with you, ceptin you can't coz it's illegal, but if you could I know you would and so would I!!! Check out my page my little Poppinsko for a nice surprise!

Anonymous said...


I love the pictures of the bluebells. It is amazing how so much nature comes to life during spring. It is truly a reminder of how beautiful and wonderful our world is if we just take the time to stop and look and notice what Christ has created for us. All your picture reminds me of how wonderful it is in Chicago right now. Tulips everywhere, lilacs, daffadills, apple blossom trees, flowers everywhere floral aroma in the area. I do not know if you remember how beautiful spring is in Chicago but it is a lot like all the pictures you are sending from England. Well, I hope you continue having fun on your travels. I really enjoy reading all about your adventures. Thanks for letting me be apart of your life through this blog. Love, Martha

*TAMI* said...

Hey Cole!
The bluebells are gorgeous! One of my favorite things we did when we were in Europe was the FLoriade in Amsterdam. It's a big flower show they do ever 5 or 10 years. It rained the whole time we were there, but the acres of flowers were incredible. I love spring! Now, if only it would green up here-oh, wait, I'm in Idaho, that doesn't happen! Love ya~