Sunday, May 11

I love the Temple!

Today was a good day. I was sitting in my room after talking to my family on Mothers Day, and I had the idea that I should go to the temple. So I charged my camera and headed down there!

I met this really nice family from N. England who I walked around with and talked to for about an hour. The man was a photographer, so he took some pictures for me!

They close the temple at night and don't let anyone in, but I talked to the security guard and convinced him to let me leave for about 20 minutes and come back when the lights were on! It was so beautiful!

Not a lot to write about today, but I think the pictures speak for themselves. I love the temple and I feel so close to a higher power when I am simply on the grounds. It's amazing!


Marie said...

Beautiful pictures Nicole! Just wonderful! You have such a talent for this. I really want to have you over for supper and the day before it's too late! But it looks like Sundays are going to be the only days? When is a good Sunday for you??? Do tell! XXOO

J said...

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skousenmom said...

I love to see the temple--Okay, I've been in Primary too long! But I really do, and the London Temple is just beautiful! Thanks for taking such great pictures of it and sharing them with us. You are amazing as always! Mom