Sunday, April 27

Here comes the sun

Make Today Tomorrow's Dream
Then it will be a Yesterday worth Remembering

Finally! Some nice weather, t-shirt weather, weather that I don't need a jacket to go out in. It couldn't have been a better day to go to Windsor Castle. I invited Linda (Sarah's Mum) to come with me on my adventures today, and it was nice to have someone to share the experience with! I would have to say that the highlight of the entire day came when we first arrived at Windsor with the intent of seeing the changing of the guard. We were walking up towards the castle and there were so many people lined up on the streets, and we just assumed that it was for the changing. We were wrong in that assumption, and we missed the changing of the guard, and we had no idea what we were even waiting for...but we waited. And turns out, it was so totally worth it. Here is what we saw:

That's right, it's the troops coming home!

It was so good I just had to take a video, because pictures are not sufficient enough to show the emotion that was there. I wish you could see the men's faces. My eyes were leaking tears as I watched these soldiers march down the street in uniform, with the band playing and flags waving. Some of them had tears of their own creeping down their cheeks as they saw the welcoming crowd. I even got to wave a flag, and I must admit that I felt supremely patriotic at that moment. I felt patriotism towards the British soldiers, and felt proud and privileged to be able to be there in that moment holding a flag welcoming home the men who had just returned from a war-torn country, who had faced battle, and some who had paid the price of freedom with their limbs, and other's with their hearts. It was a truly humbling experience, and there were a lot of people like me who could not keep their eyes dry! Linda and I both agreed that seeing the precession was the best part of the day!

Following that we walked up the hill and paid a bone-breaking 15 pounds to see the castle. For goodness sake, they charge so much for everything here! The petrol alone for the drive was 20 pounds, and the parking was 11!! Go ahead, convert that to the US Dollar...(good thing I was splitting this 2 ways or else I probably would have passed out on the pavement, hit my head, and woken up the next day in hospital with a bill and a ticket on my car) Anyways, here are some pictures from the Castle--the favourite home of the Queen.

Check out this tree!! It is a fiery red with yellow and orange to boot, it looks like it belongs in the autumn, not spring. It was my favourite piece of nature I saw there on the grounds, and they were really beautiful.

These guys march all over the grounds, and they never break pace or stop. A few times I saw some people walking absent-mindedly in the direct line of them, and one of the soldiers would shout "Make way for the Queen's Guard!" and people would scramble out of the way sometimes with only seconds to spare before the red-coats squashed them.

St. George's Cathedral, where lies the remains of King Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, as well as the late Queen Elizabeth and her Husband, along with several other important historical and royal figures. It was cool. And on a side note, I am wearing my new capris, new pink top and new tan top t-jacket, which I bought all on very good sales...and that puts a smile on my face.

It takes me a really long time to upload videos, but I have some pretty good ones from Ireland that I will try and put up here this week so you can see. Hope everyone had a good week and a good weekend! I am trying to figure out where next weeks "adventure" will take me... I am thinking Nottingham and Sherwood forest? or perhaps a day in London? I haven't been to Cardiff... if you have any suggestions or ideas shoot them my way, please. Or maybe we shall just see where the train takes me! Cheers everybody.


Marie said...

Ohh Nic, I do believe that the UK has captured a HUGE piece of you heart. You know what that means don't you? You'll always have a piece of you that longs to be here. So good to see you yesterday at conference, if only for a few minutes. Wasnt' it wonderful? So spiritual and uplifiting! but then it always is. See you soon! XXOO
PS. I Just love reading about your little adventures.

*TAMI* said...

Wow!!! First of all, Ireland is beautiful! Looks like it was an amazing trip! I loved the sign with the guy falling off! Brendan is on my lap looking at pictures. We kept watching the video. Are those the bad guys mom? No, those are good guys. Watching it almost brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing sacrifice these men & woman make for each of us, something that so many people take for granted! Love ya hon! We are excited to see the videos of Ireland if you get them up! If not, we will just have to take a trip down there. We are planning one this summer, so hopefully we will be able to catch up!

toad and sue said...

hey hey!
We just got your Irish postcard. Thank you so much! The girls were so excited to get some mail from you. I know I've been out of it for awhile. I'm hoping that when you hop your flight back to the states you can get a flight through the big D. Looking at your blog, I need you to come out and take some pictures for us. Seriously girl, your pics are amazing! You should get your degree in photojournalism at the University of Texas:-) We will miss you when we are in Utah, it won't be the same without you. Do you know when you are leaving England yet? Email me a time I can call you and you can catch me up on everything that's going on00that's not already on your fabulous blog. Love you!