Monday, April 14

Hello, Goodbye

It's crunch time for me, yes I am realizing what a short while I have left here in England, and thus trying to fill every weekend with maximum activity. This past weekend was the kids' last days of their Easter Break (even though easter was what like a month ago!) so I went with the family to Centerparcs. It was so nice to break away for a few days and enjoy the woods and adventure that nature has to offer--but first things first. On the way up to CenterParcs, we stopped in at Cambridge University, and it was absolutely amazing. It opened my eyes a little bit to how the 'other half' live, you know, the incredibly bright substantially rich folks. It was incredible! I never in my life thought I would visit the campus of such a prestigious university where great minds like Issac Newton, Charles Darwin, Rutherford, and Tennyson studied. What an incredible place to be!

This is the mathematical bridge, supposedly designed by sir Issac Newton to be able to hold itself up without any screws or bolts--but a group of students took it apart and could not reassemble it without supports.

The punts on the river!

After Cambridge, we stayed in a Travelodge nearby for the first night before heading to Centerparcs the next morning. Gems and I shared a hotel room...

We had fun :)

The next morning we arrived at our nice little villa deep in the backwoods of Elveden forest. Ask me to describe that in one word? Fantastic.

The serenity of the woods takes to my soul the same way the fresh sea air does, and it makes me feel rejuvenated and free! It was so beautiful.

These pretty little white flowers were popping up on the trees everywhere.

Sunday morning I went on a horse back riding excursion, my one splurge for the trip. I got to ride good ol' Lee pictured here with me, and we were able to actually run through Elveden forest. I kind of felt like I was being splashed onto the set of Lord of the Rings...minus the goofy hat and lack of costume.

They had a little wildlife observatory overlooking a spot where they found evidence of people like 12,000 years ago. These lovely, singing yellow birds would always come quite close to get the food--they were my favorite!

CenterParcs is great because there is so many activities available to you--providing you have the funds to cover them all--and even if you don't (me) you can still enjoy the peaceful surroundings and biking in the woods. You see, except from designated times on designated days (2x per week) Cars are not allowed into the Park. So everyone was on bikes! The whole place is catered towards cyclists, so it's really easy getting around and navigating, and the kids really enjoy the freedom of the wheels. I wish we had some place like this in Utah... I think it would be a big hit!

And as I said before, it is definitely crunch time for me, which means that this weekend I am am headed off for a very fun, potentially rainy weekend touring Dublin and Ireland! I'm so excited, and you can look for a post from me next week following my return to real life on Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

It looks and sounds like you are enjoying evey minute you are there. It sounds like the time of your life. I am looking forward to hearing about your trip to doublin. I can't believe that April is half over. Before you know it it will be the end of the school year. Brad will be a graducated senior and headed off to culinary school. Life is going by so fast. Well, I look forward to your next blog. Love. Martha

Marie said...

So THAT'S where you have been! I had wondered where you had gotten to. Looks like you had a fabulous time! I just know you will enjoy Ireland! I can't wait to see the pics when you get back! I shall miss you when you go back to America. :-( That will be a sad day for us all in Tunbridge Wells ward. You have been such a ray of sunshine to us all. Maybe you will go on a mission and get England South mission and then we will have the chance to see you again! Now THAT'S a happy thought! :-)

*TAMI* said...

I wish I was there with you! I would love to see Ireland; I look forward to the pictures! What an incredible opportunity to see Cambridge! It's amazing to think of all who have walked those halls! It looks like an incredible building-I love the architecture of those old buildings! They are gorgeous! Love ya hon!

skousenmom said...

I know I just talked to you, but I hope you have great time in Dublin! I loved the picture of you on "Lee". He's huge! He makes Sundance look a bit scrawny. Oh well! Loved the pictures and look forward to seeing all the new ones from Ireland. Love you! Mom

Dona and co. said...

Well, you might not remember me. I am your father's sister. My name is Dona and I live in a little state called Utah, in a country called the United States of America. Perhaps you've heard of it. You should visit sometime.
I loved the post but I have to say I was a little disappointed that you didn't have your Lord of the Rings fairy clothing with you for your ride through the woods. Next time maybe.