Monday, March 10

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

THE GOOD: To start with, it is good that I am writing in my blog. That is one box I can tick off my to-do list now. I could just stop here and feel completely content! But I won't...Ill keep writing.
thing that has been continually bringing a smile to my face is the trampolining class I am taking over at the leisure center. The first thing I thought about when I heard "Adult Trampolining Class " was a bunch of women in their 50s holding hands bouncing and giggling as they bounced together on the equipment. Now I know this idea might seem a little far fetched, but honestly, I expected nothing less. My first day in class the coach said, and I quote, "ok do 25 jumps superstar!" And I, feeling about 5 years old, did my jumps and scuttled off the trampoline. All of this was most likely accompanied by massive eye-rolling when nobody was looking. Then we moved on to jumps, you know, tuck jumps, straddle jumps, pike jumps...and when I had my turn at those it startled the coach and she said "so you have done trampolining before!" No, not trampolining, but my impressive 'tuck jump' comes from my past gymnastics training. Once finding this out, she decided to move me on to more advanced skills, you know, ones where you are airborne and your legs fly over your head and your body twists in the air. Now that's what I am talking about! I guess, being formally trained in gymnastics, I was taught to do things quick and tight--like a back flip on the floor is a lot quicker than one 8 feet in the air on the trampoline. So, because of my tendency to rush my stunts, I have been added to a crew she fondly calls, the "Scary Squad". This is a group of now 3 that frequently give minor heart attacks to our coaches. If you ask me, she gets scared way too easy, because I honestly haven't done anything that scary. So did you know that trampolining is an actual sport? I really had no idea before this. These guys train and go to competitions and wear leotards...the whole shebang. The coach said that I should consider being on the team, but unfortunately this option is closed to me because of the outrageous fee involved with becoming a 'club member', not to mention training hours are during working hours which, just can't happen. So I enjoy my 2x/week class where I get my adrenaline pumping. Also, my third bit of good news, the gymnastics coach from the gym just down the road came to watch the trampolining and discovered from my 'style' that I used to do gymnastics. We got talking a bit and he invited me down to his gym to help coach his girls on Saturdays. So, this Saturday, I am going to step foot in a gym for the first time in about 6 years...and I am really looking forward to it!!


I will spare the details for the world wide web, and just announce that my only bit of "bad" news, which is both good and bad depending on how you look at it, is that I cannot leave the country. That's right, I am Britain Bound! Bound not like going there, but bound as in stuck here. If I leave, says my passport stamp, I won't be admitted back in. So there you have it, my hopeful excursions to Brussels and Denmark are officially off the charts, which leaves me to explore the more domestic opportunities--which are cool too. It's just a weird feeling not being able to leave somewhere under the threat that you can't come back. But at least I am here, and that I am very happy about!!


Now, I was warned about the British weather before I came here, but honestly, I thought to myself "what could be worse than Utah Weather?" in the sense that one day you are running through the sprinklers in your bikini and the next your strapping your skies on to catch some powder. The weather here changes on a dime, and though snow is relativity rare in these parts, heavy rain and winds are not. We had a huge storm come in last night, and the wind has been howling and the rain pounding ever since. When I drove the kids to school this morning there were loads of trees in the road, branches poking out of places there shouldn't even be branches, and cars blowing out tires like it was the fourth of July. Luckily, I swerved and twisted my way around natures obstacle course and passed with flying colors. I felt a little like James Bond again...a feeling I get every now and again when driving on the back roads here.


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Tami said...

Your trampoline class sounds kind of fun. I would have expected the same thing! Have fun working with the girls at the gymnastics gym. What a neat opportunity! I'm sorry you can't leave the country! How frustrating for you! Well, enjoy the crazy weather! Love ya!

Dona and co. said...

My life feels whole and complete today because Colie-o has updated her marvelous blog. Thanks and happy trampolining!

Marie said...

Sorry to hear you can't leave the country Nic, but then again we are just happy to have you here and we DON'T WANT YOU LEAVING! haha, I know, I know, it must happen one day but who likes to think about that eventuality, I don't for one! Great on your for the trampolining classes. ( bet I spelt that wrong) I am in awe of 50 year olds that can manage the trampline without bladder issues! Nuff said! The weather surely has been wild this week and I know I was glad when I woke up this morning and found that I was still in England and not in Oz, but then again Oz could be an adventure too! XXOO Exciting and interesting post as always!

Sam said...

Whatever, I think it is more the other way around; I have bragging rights having you as my cousin! It is kind of sad that you can't leave the country right now. But still...being stuck in Great Britain? That is still amazing. I miss you and can't wait for you to come home! You are amazing!

skousenmom said...

You are the amazing flying Nanny! I would love to see your trampolining class! Maybe you can join a team when you get back here?! That could be really fun. Glad you updated your blog, I've missed reading about all your adventures and misadventures! Love you tons! Mom P.S. Little sister says "HI" and she misses you!

Lindsay said...

Hey Nicole,

You probably don't remember me, but I am your Aunt Sarah's VERY best friend (at least that's what I like to claim). I remember you coming up to our apartment at Utah State when you were probably about eight years old. I can't believe you are now off being a nanny in a foreign country. How exciting! Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm so impressed that you are off living your dreams. The adventuresomeness (probably not a real word) of your aunt must have rubbed off onto you. Also, I came across your tribute to President Hinckley and I loved it and was in tears. That must have taken a lot of time and love. I will probably put a link to it on my blog...if that's okay.