Sunday, February 17

My affair with the sea

The family I am with probably thinks I am a nut ball, and not just for this one reason I am about to present to you, but for a great many reasons I needn't name. It's just that, you see, I love the sea. Did you hear me? I LOVE THE SEA. Seriously folks...
(this is one of my favorite pictures I took all trip!)
This is such a weird picture of me and Gems...but I love it!

I just can't get enough of it. It would be 9 at night and everyone would be gathered around the Tele watching east enders (local soap opera...not to be missed) or some other program, and I would head off to the shore. Even though the weather was slightly less than ideal, being that it was mostly cloudy, windy with a chill, I still sat on the sand watching the tide roll in. There is nothing more calming than the sound of the ocean--of that I am certain! For me, it heals my mind and my soul and my lungs crave the breath that comes from sea air. I spent every spare second on the beach...and I probably act a little bit strange because I get flushed with excitement every time I even think thoughts about going down to the water. And for the record, I am not a fish, amphibian, nor do I have any resemblance or likeness that I am aware of to any water dwelling creature. I just love the sea.

I also really liked these boats...can you tell?
Just a cute little Spanish house I saw today, I love the colors.

Moving on.

Day one started out with the beach. We watched as huge waves crashed against rocks. Trust me, it was way more exciting than it sounds. Because of the less-than-ideal weather I mentioned earlier, they were huge! Here is a short clip of us driving in the car with the water splashing over this 20 something foot wall! It was fantastic!


Day two we drove to Malaga to see the sights...and they were amazing! We hiked a huge hill to the top of the highest point in the city where the castle was. You could see for miles from there, and again...the sea view was incredible. Malaga was a great place to be, and I loved getting to experience it. My love for Spain is growing by the second!

Day three we went to a place called Benahavis. It too was lovely. Though, I found it quite hard to capture any sort of picture that made "sense" if you will. So this day is lacking in picture simply because the mood and the simplicity and grandeur of the place couldn't not be wrestled with my amateur photography skills. So take my word for was great!

Day four was one of my very favorite places. Today I went to Gibraltar! One nice thing about staying where we do is that there are loads of tours that pickup from there and go all over. I was up bright and early and so excited about visiting the British rock of Gibraltar. Usually the tour does a dolphin cruise and a cable car to the top of the rock, but again, the winds were so high that both of those things were canceled. We did, however, take a minibus tour of the rock with our tour guide Phil--and Phil was funny! He made the tour so fun, and I learned a lot too because he was like a fountain of history knowledge and facts just spilling it's guts all over us. The instant we stepped outside the minibus the monkeys came to see what was going on. One of them came over and first thing, stretched her little hand out and tugged on Phil's pant leg. He kinda looked down at her like 'what do you want?' and then ignored her...and she did it again. She did it again and again and again... and finally Phil bent down really low and stuck his finger out and said "How many times do I have to tell you? I am not the father of your children!" and with that the little monkey stared at him for a minute, and then bounced off.


This video shows you the caves I went to, and the video does them no justice whatsoever. I was awe-struck and stunned in every sense of the word. They were amazing, and the trip would have been worth it just to see them! Then, I got to have a monkey stand on my head... yes this cute little monkey pictured below is the very one that took a bribe from Phil to stand on my head, then when he didn't get his peanut started trying to open my backpack--which is what is going on in the last picture. I did mention that the wind was blowing so hard that the cable car was shut, and this picture I took of myself by the sea shows just how intense the wind was there. I watched as it
literally blew someone right over, and it nearly had me! Going to the gym has paid off you see...thighs of steel...thighs of steel...I didn't get knocked over. When we finally started heading back down to the bottom of the rock to finish our tour we were all looking out the windows at the impressive views when, after about 10 minutes of driving at roughly 40 miles an hour, a monkey dove off the roof of the minibus. It was one of the oddest things I have ever seen! We were right by a cliff when it happened too, and this little guy just hurled himself off the car...I sure hope he caught on to something!

And in a very small nutshell... that was my day at Gibraltar!

Day five was more of a relaxing day. We went to another place by the sea... therefore I took more pictures of the sea. It was so beautiful, and even though it was a cloudy day the ocean was still blue as ever!

Day six we went to the Fuenguella Zoo, which in all honesty I wasn't too excited about until I actually saw the place. I have to say that I think it is the best zoo I have ever been to. Here are some pictures.

They had a little island with Lemurs on them and they just jump around you...its so cool!

Today we were extremely lucky because, all of the sudden the skies cleared and the wind stopped and the sun came out to shine for a day. In light of the sudden stroke of luck in the weather, we decided to go out for some food by the sea.

All in all it was a great trip! I had a really nice time and had some unforgettable experiences! I will possibly post some videos a little bit later because I took loads of video and even more pictures! It's getting late and that's all I have for now.

And to answer a question the camera I use is a Panasonic Lumix TZ1...and I didn't take that picture on my last blog because I didn't have my computer access to the internet to upload my own pictures. Thanks for the compliment though!


Marie said...

What a lovely holiday you had Nicole! Loved the pictures and visiting it vicariously through your wonderfully descriptive words! I love the sea too. We often go down to Hastings and Eastbourne in the warmer weather. It's lovely there. I grew up in a place where I was never more than half an hour away from the sea. I guess it's in my blood. :-)
Glad to have you back though! XXOO

skousenmom said...

Hi sweetheart! Loved the beautiful pictures and seeing your beautiful face! You are making me really want to go to Spain! Somehow we will have to find a way to get there someday. I think my favorite was the video of you and Sarah and the kids watching the waves. I could hear you laughing, and I really enjoyed their screams of delight! That's what being a kid is all about. I am so glad you got to go to Gibralter too. It looks really beautiful. Did the monkey find anything he wanted in your backpack? Just kidding. What a fun experience. Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures and videos1 Love you! xoxo Mom

Anonymous said...

WOW ! your 'clear up in the air-jumpin'for joy by the sea' is one of my favorite photos too!!!

What is your chosen musical accompaniment for your time by the sea?

I wish I could enlarge that photo and see the expression on your face.

Speaking of photos -- I need your
colored photo and Jacob's (both horizontal for 8x10's) - that you took for my grandchildren photo gallery --

I have the other three for your family, in fact, I have 15 out of the eighteen total already up on the wall.

Your mom says the photos you took for me before you left might be in your computer - and you could hopefully email them to me.

hope so !


Tami said...


Tami said...

So glad you found my blog. Thanks for commenting! It makes it alot more fun to document when someone responds! I can't wait to get together when you get back! We are looking at moving to Elko, Nevada so we will still be just a few hours from SLC! We'd look at Utah, but they don't pay educators any better than Idaho! I'll post Derek's column next week-he has to send it to me. The newspaper website is down. Love ya!

Kira B said...

HOLY MOLY!!! Can I just say, that black and white sea pictures with the heart in the sand and rocks... that should seriously be submitted in a contest, it is amazing!!! (I kinda stole it for my computer background at the moment. haha) But seriouly I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the birthday pic again :)