Friday, February 1


With Sarah and Terry out of town, and Callum spending the night at a friends house, it was a perfect night for a GNO--thats Girls Night Out...something I learned while watching The Office. Gems and I started out by making our favorite cookies, which are a combination of my "secret" recipe and Cadburry caramel bars. They are the best cookies I have ever tasted in my life, which is why I try not to make them very often...if you know what I mean. But tonight was special, because everybody knows you can't have a GNO without cookies. You also can't have a GNO without a movie--so we ticked that box with a little trip to the cinema to see Penelope. I have to admit I had my reservations about this film, but all of those were gone by the end of the movie when I was hugging my legs, cookie in hand, and sighing as little hearts went floating around my head. Yes, it was that good. For those of you who haven't seen a preview or heard of the movie, it is about a girl who is born with a pig nose, and has to try and find a prince to fall in love with her to break the curse of the piggy-ness. We even took this picture so we could be like Penelope and have a prince come and want us.
Isn't this so attractive? What prince wouldn't want some of this? We had such a good time at the movie, and afterwards we grabbed some food and headed home to watch American Idol and make a camp in the playroom where we will sleep tonight. It has been such a long time since I had a girls night out, tonight was just what the doctor ordered! So if anybody hasn't seen Penelope, I highly recommend it--but don't forget to sneak in some home made cookies...they make it even better!


Marie said...

I don't know about princes, but I know I WANT that cookie recipe! haha. How can any cookie with cadbury's caramel in them not be absolutely fantabulous! Yumm! You make a couple of cute pigs by the way and way to go on the GNO! I haven't had one of those in a long time!

Sam said...

You are so cute! I love your blogs.

Anonymous said...

cole you are a cute pig!! Please make me some cookies?


Kira B said...

Can I just say, you are one attractive "Penelope!" hahah Love it Cole! These crazy pics remind me of USU and our watermelon pics... member those? haha