Saturday, January 12


It's been a week since my last blog (well, a week and a day...but who's counting?) And this is because the past eight days have been largely uneventful. At least it was that way until Friday when, in a fortunate swing of events the kids were both invited 'round to friends' houses after school-which gave me the whole day free and the chance to go into London. It was a really horrible day here on Friday: rain, wind, freezing temperatures... in other words, a perfect day for a trip to the museum. Since the Terracotta Army was on exhibition at the British Museum, I thought I would drop in and have a look to see what all the hype was about. I made a huge stride today... because... (drum roll please)... I went into London without my camera! Actually, I would have but the battery was dead and my charger sprouted legs and walked off. It's ok though, because they don't allow you to snap photos in the exhibition anyways, so I didn't miss out on too much. I arrived at the museum (without getting lost thank you very much) around 11:00 am, and couldn't get a ticket until 4:30! It is so busy, and they sell out super fast, so I was really lucky to even get in. So, while I had a whole day to kill and no plans,I ran some errands and went "shopping", (i say "shopping" because I wasn't actually looking to buy anything) dodging the rain by running in to shop after shop in Piccadilly and Tottingham Court Road. And in another stroke of luck, the sun came out to shine for about an hour or so, which allowed me to sit out and enjoy the sunshine with a nice scoop of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. You see, when my mom was here with me we went to Leicester Square and ate Ben and Jerry's, so now whenever I am alone in Leicester square I have to grab some... it's sentimental (or at least that is my excuse for buying it!) It was here that I learned that flirting with the ice cream man gets you extra ice cream... I can't believe I never tried that one before! First thing when I walked up he told me my shirt was nice, then went on to ask me where I was from and stuff like that. A few witty remarks later I had myself almost twice the amount of ice cream I was supposed to have, plus some caramel on top for no extra charge. Score!
About 3:30ish I was starting to get bored with going into the shops and not buying anything, so I went back to the museum to go through some of the exhibits. I went into the Egyptian gallery, and clever me, I had my iPod. I immediately pulled it out and jammed my ears with the Prince of Egypt soundtrack, which was oh so very appropriate. Remember last post when I mentioned that I have a tendency to view things in a bit of a "music video" mode? Well...this was another one of those times. It was really great, and though I didn't think it was possible, adding the music to my visit made me love the Egyptian stuff so much more!Finally the anticipated time to enter the Terracotta Exhibition arrived, and let me tell you now, it was well worth the wait. It's really hard for me to explain it on here because it was really an experience that you just have to have for yourself. I found this video on the Museum's website and I think it is really great because it shows a lot of the things inside the exhibition, and explains about it as well.

This archer was on of my favorites, my second favorite in fact, next to one of the Generals of whose picture is on the main picture with the Exhibition promo on it. The detail on this archer is incredible, everything from the hair on his head to the soles of his shoes is done perfectly and precisely. The General that I liked so much, seemed to be breathing when looked at out of the corner of my eye- but then motionless when I looked at him directly (anybody else thinking Toy Story meets Night at the Museum???) It was truly a magnificent experience, and helped me gain both an interest and an appreciation for the Chinese culture. If you want to read about it from the source of all sources, wikipedia, just click here. I will say that one thing I found fascinating was that every one of these 7,000+ clay people were painted at the time of their burial. Some even have traces of colored paint left on them, try to imagine an army of that size draped in the vibrant colors of the Chinese! That must have been an incredible site...until it was covered with dirt. Pity!

Well, that was the highlight of my week here, and I would like to say to my Aunt that I did listen to Sense and Sensibility and I have totally fallen in love with it! You are right it does match England perfectly. I loved all the music everyone told me about it, and have made a point of getting my hands on every last recommendations- and there isn't one I don't like! Hope everybody had a good week!


Marie said...

Nicole, you mean to tell me you haven't been watching Sense and Sensibility on the BBC1 on Sunday evenings!! For shame! It's fabulous! I just love Jane Austin! Now I have to get Todd to go to the British Museum again so we can see the Terra Cotta Army! Wow! *my gosh I am talking all in explanation marks here today! Probably because now we get to keep you for another 6 months! I am so excited about that! Woo Hoo! XXOO

Dona and co. said...

Another six months? Hmmm. I have mixed feelings about that. I will miss seeing you but I will enjoy the continued international blog posts.
I am glad that you got a hold of the Sense and Sensibility soundtrack and I'm even gladder that you liked it.
We just studied about the crazy chinese guy that built the tomb with the 7000 warriors in it. AMAZING. I didn't realize that there was an exhibition in London. Very cool. Did you hear about the river of mercury in the tomb? How could anyone build something so big...I guess there is the Great Wall of China as well.
I always love your posts.

skousenmom said...

Wow! What an amazing exhibit to get to see! And I thought you were all museumED out! I am so glad you got to go to see those warriors. I am sure it is something you will never forget. It's hard to imagine so many of them so intricately designed. How amazing! And so much detail! Thanks for sharing another great experience. Loved it and you! Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey you got into the Chineese culture and added some Egypian art with musical accompaniment! That is making the most of your museum opportunity I'd say ! Way to go !


Sam said...

I loved the British Museum myself...I thought it was awesome! Love ya!