Tuesday, January 22

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Some days living here, life is just how it would be at home in the States. And then other days, things just seem extraordinary and strange. Sometimes I even find myself laughing out loud, or literally dropping my jaw in amusement or amazement. Most of these moments occur in small things, strange little things that make me wonder what the inventor (or buyer) was thinking at the time. See the picture above for my first example. The tree-wheeled car, or Tri-Car. I have seen about 5 in the past few months, and they all look identical to this one here. I came across one today, and it really took me off guard because it was going around and around in circles in the car park, taking quick turns, and going around poles, altogether having way to much time on only three wheels. I haven't seen a car and driver this happy since... well, I really don't think I have ever seen excitement at this level from behind the wheel of a car. It really made me want go out and blow 100 pounds and get me some hunk-a-metal joy.

Another thing that I find very strange, is their meat flavored crisps--thats potato chips my fellow Americans, and I really do want to meet the fellow (it had to be a guy) that thought this was a good idea. They come in every kind: Worcester Sauce, BBQ rib, Tomato Ketchup, Marmite, Pickled Onion, Prawn Cocktail, Roast Chicken, Chilli and Lemon, Steak and Onion, and the one I find most revolting, Smoky Bacon. What's the point in cooking anymore? A meal can consist of the Roast Chicken crisps, with a side of pickled onion crisps. Meal complete. Now you see my logic in automatically assuming that this was all invented by a man...and I would even bet that he was single, and going through school at the time. It makes perfect sense!

Something else that is different is that you can get your own, un-concentrated juice that you add water to. You can make it as watery or as strong as you like. It's called squash...and its amazing.

A day to day annoyance I find is that all electrical outlets here have a fuse switch, because each one has enough voltage running through it to kill a horse. So you have to remember to flip it every time, it doesn't sound like the big of a deal, but it has been known to cause some minor frustration.

Here is an "english-ism" for you, they call French Toast "eggy bread"... it makes me laugh every time!

Speaking of eggy bread, my friend Marie has an amazing recipe I got on her blog A Year At Oak Cottage for eggy bread with a little twist. Its fab, check it out. Also on this subject is the highlight of my week, where I was able to finally visit the lovely Oak Cottage where this near-famous chef resides. It was a great day that included a gospel study group that I was invited to attend--and loved. Afterward I had the delightful experience of indulging in some of Marie's amazing food (something that was on my "things to do before I die" checklist.) I was so pleased to discover that she put up my 2 favorite recipes from that night on her blog, Marie's Muses. And if you care for someone in any sort of way, you will make them the Caramel Apple Dip on January 20th's blog post. It was the best dip I have ever had in my life. After the gospel study group ended, and everyone else went home, I had the privilege of spending the afternoon with Marie and her husband Todd. We went on a walk of the grounds on the manor where the live-which was beautiful even on a stormy day. We got to relax and talk, and I had another chance to eat Marie's food. You would think I was homeless at the rate I was going. Marie whipped something up in no time at all, and it tasted like she spent all day cooking it! This recipe was so good, it's yummy and easy and a sure-fire hit for the kiddies. You can find it on her blog under January 22nd, it's called Redneck Casserole. Don't let the name put you off, it is really fantastic! Also take notice that my name is mentioned on this post...it's my claim to fame.

And since this blog is insanely lacking in the picture department, I thought I would throw these in. I took them about a month ago when I had just returned home from taking the kids to school and got an urgent call from Sarah to go quickly to "the view!" In a matter of seconds I was-- camera in hand--charging out the door full speed to the spot. It was one of those times where you wish the picture could capture exactly what you were seeing, but somehow it's just not enough!


Marie said...

Oh Nic! It was such a pleasure to have you! I am still trying to think of a guy you might like. There is the super handsome Neil Sinclair (of Chester) who is on his mission in Malaga, Spain right now, and he really is cute. But the best thing about him is he doesn't know he's hot. I can put in a good word for you apres mission! (Yet another talent of mine, being able to throw in a French Word here and there, hopefully with better finesse than Del Boy!) I was so fascinated when I saw my first three wheeler! It was like I had been dropped on an entirely new planet where the creatures drove strange three wheeled vehicles, which somewhat resembled huge wedges of cheddar cheese. It only took a bit of imagination to picture Jerry mouse at the wheel! Am trying to recover from an all nighter this morning and banging headache, but just had to say how kind it is of you to mention me in such a special way. You sweet girl! It won't be too long before you are invited out to Casa D'Oak Cottage again, never fear. I want to pick your brains! lol (Not as bad as it sounds folks!)

skousenmom said...

Hey sweetie! Sounds like you had a great time at Marie's! What a treat! I can't wait to try some of her recipes! I thought I was a pretty good cook, but I am nothing compared to her! Let her know your mom appreciates her giving you a yummy gourmet-cooked meal. I loved teh 3 wheeled car. I've never seen anything like that! Pretty interesting. Look forward to talking to you soon. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I'll let your dad comment on the 'tricar', cone sample the meat flavored chips with you as well as the other various and sundry British anomalies. I did try the 'eggy bread' recipe from your friends fascinating blog as you prescribed. Wow! who would have expected chocolate French toast? I also picked up on the kale recipe -like any healthy food nut like me would. Sweet to me was your friend's tender morsel of family history.

Granted, catching 'the view' in sunset photos is your thing at home or abroad.

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