Friday, August 31

Hence the name...

Well, today was super fun because...dun dun-dun dun (drum roll please) I saw Mary Poppins the Musical!! Since it corresponds with the name of my blog, my job, and the place where I am living-I thought it very appropriate. If you recall the story there is an evil nanny who comes onto stage with accompanying lightning and storm noises, and once the show was over there was the unavoidable question to the children- who is Nicole most like? Mary Poppins or the Evil Ms. Andrew?




I am sweating bullets....

"Mary Poppins!!" they said, good answer.


So the play was really good, they added a few extra songs which were ok but not as good as the original ones. There was a few times where Mary did some flying and that was really cool, and the vocals were all very impressive. It really was an amazing performance! I absolutely loved it! Upon seeing this performance I couldn't help but remember that picture of us in Disney World with Grandma Sylvia and Mary Poppins...if you know the one I am talking about you are probably laughing right now. Grandma is so ecstatic about seeing this musical icon that she is wearing a grin unmatched by any other person, cartoons and people alike. She could have burst right there and taken the entire world with her. Grandma has her hand out as if presenting Mary to the rest of us and Mary is wearing that "oh my goodness I-think-this-woman-is-going- to-pack-me-up-and- take-me-home-with-her grin" and leaning slightly away from my beaming grandmother. Trust me, it is a classic. So here's to you Grandma, tonight only made me miss your bright eyes and radiant smile! Mary Poppins truly cannot compare.

The evening was accompanied by some quality British pizza at pizza hut (ha ha ha) and a walk through Covent gardens. You may think that this has satisfied my crave and eternal love for musicals and performing arts-but no. It has only made me want to see more! I picked up a couple pamphlets of the musicals that are on my "must see" list, so I thought I would share them with you-in no particular order
Phantom of the Opera
Les Miserables
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat
Mama Mia

Looks like I am going to have to start saving some pounds.

Thursday, August 30

Words don't mean a thang

Hello BUNAC (thats beew-nak... not boon-yack like my mom calls it, no matter how many times I remind her she is totally butchering the acronym) We meet again. I went into the London office by myself today to get some matters pounded out with my visa. Turns out that I can't renew my visa for another six months when it expires in February... so family& friends, unless by some miracle there is a way for me to stay a bit longer, it looks like I will see you all in February! I left some invisible tears in the office when I found out the news, but I came out with a new friend! Yes thats right, Nicole has friends. Her name is Jessica and she is from New York. We were instant friends in the BUNAC Orientation, and after we sat through the dull hour and a half of "what is a loo to you" and "haggis tours" we decided to hit the town. Ok so I use the term hitting the town loosely, basically we just got some food at a local pub and then went to the British Museum-which was cool. I discovered that I am still 'museumed out' from the Europe trip (which pictures are coming soon-i am working on loading up a slide show) but I still enjoyed it. After the museum she needed to go back home, and I went to catch the train and...just my luck- delayed. The next train back was of course I just decided to stay and made an entire day out of it. Now I think that sounds far more exciting than it actually was, because I did spend a good portion of my time lost, but it was nice still the same. I did manage to learn a few things today.

Lesson One: 90% of what you say, you aren't saying at all. (similar concept also taught by Will Smith in the movie 'Hitch')

Question: Hi! I am Alex, what is your name?

Answer: Oh Hi there, I'm Nicole

*Hand Shake*

What he actually heard " Hi I am Nicole I am from the USA as you can tell by my screaming accent, if you want to know where in USA simply look at the clothes I am wearing, yep you guessed it-Utah, and yes I am a Mormon, so don't ask me out for a drink. Why yes that oversized thing that says 2006 is my class ring, that not only clearly displays my age but my love for music, position on the honor roll, and city of residence.

Result: Just an acquaintance

True Story, people are actually that observant.

Lesson Two: It's all about the shoes
So I grabbed a small ice cream from Ben and Jerry's and sat myself down in the middle of Leicester Square. While sitting there watching people go by, I took notice (and notes) to what people passing by were wearing. Actually I can't take complete credit for this lesson, because when my Mom and I spent the day in London just the two of us, we spent some time sitting at the ice cream shop watching people and we made basically the same assessment. So when I was doing my solo observation, I noticed the same things and more. So now on to the good bit, I have created a diagram of some of the things I noticed today. like I said, mainly shoes. Look how the top red could have been saved with a proper set of heels, how the wide legged pants go with the thick boot and the skinny heel goes best with the half length pants. mmmhhmmm.
Now if you are feeling the irresistible urge to go out and buy yourself some stilettos (I know I am feeling it) I accept no blame for the matter and do not offer reimbursements. Sorry! And no, guilt trips do not work on me. Ask my parents.

As a side note, I wore some heels today. Gotta love the professional 'click'!

Lesson Three: Ben and Jerry are my enemies.

After I finished my small cup of ice cream, I instantly felt like I needed to hit the gym. This newfound motivation made me walk faster in my heels which made my feet ache, which led to me stumbling (of course) and falling dramatically in the underground station. Ben and Jerry had a good laugh at that one... thanks a lot.

You didn't think i would make it all day in heels without an incident did you?

Neither did I.

So today I really enjoyed myself, I got my visa stuff sorted out, made a new friend, and had a minute to sit and watch the world go by. Sometimes everyone needs to simply forget about all the troubles of their little tree and focus on the forest in which it is planted... don't you agree?

Monday, August 27

I am back!

It's true, I am back to blogging after a month of neglect. I am not going to bother with any excuses because we all know they would just be rubbish. First of all, I would like to start off this new blog with a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY
to my Aunt Dona and Uncle Grant! Hope you guys are having a great day! I am thinking of you.

So this week has been very busy. It was bank holiday weekend, which is basically like memorial day weekend or labor day weekend- everyone has Monday off- So it was chalk full of fun! That was the good news, the bad news is that I took LOADS of pictures and video to show you all and I just barely went to load them on my computer and it said it had a major error and all my pictures got deleted from the memory stick. It was SO odd... and very disappointing! So this will be a very wordy blog with few pictures. Its so sad because I took so many pictures and videos with you bleeders in mind. OK.

Saturday we went to the medieval festival. It is staged on the grounds of Herstmonceux castle and everyone there was dressed in medieval attire and camping out in medieval tents and cooking medieval food. They had pigs heads with apples in the mouth set out on the table everywhere and pheasants hanging with twine around their necks ready to cook. These people actually come and live like the people in the middle ages lived! The best part was the battle reenactments though. There were men, dressed in full armor, on two separate teams that fought each other. They had blunt swards and blunt ended arrows, but they were screaming and going at each other like their lives depended on it! There were archers shooting arrows through the air and hitting opposing teammates that screamed in pain (I guess it actually did hurt a little, similar to a paint ball gun I think) and fell to the ground winging and 'dying'. The whole thing was really cool!! There was also real jousting, on some of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen. It was so neat! Since the sun was actually shining for once (a break from the constant cloud cover and rain we have had all week long) we had a nice time walking around the gardens and being outside. I did find some neat pix on the website for the event- you can read a little bit about it by clicking here, or for pictures click here.

Sunday I had a really nice day at church, the ward is very nice. This week I counted 52 people in Sacrament meeting. I didn't know this was possible, but it is- I am the only person in the ward between the ages of 17 and 30. Impressive, I know. Most everyone is over the age of 60. They are nice though!! In fact it is often hard for me to leave at the end because there are so many people talking to me. After I got home from church we went to a village BBQ all evening, which was really nice. There is a new au pair in the village from France, and I met her for the first time. She is a really sweet girl and she doesn't speak very good English, but she does speak a little German... Which means when she found out I spoke a little German our conversations were a mix of English, German, and usually some French. One of the more interesting conversations I have ever had!

Today, Monday, we went to the Edinbridge and Oxted agricultural show. YES it is more fun than it sounds! It's the equivalent to a state fair pretty much, maybe a little bit bigger. We watched all the horse competitions, and we entered Frasier (Fraz) into a couple dog competitions. Really, we entered him in as a joke because he is a big soppy lump and quite disobedient and we thought it would be funny to see him pull the kids around the ring. Turns out he did quite well, especially considering he has never in his life been in a public place of such size. Apparently Sarah also thought it would be funny to see me handle Frazier in the ring, because she entered me as his handler in the Best Breed competition. It was really funny when all the dogs sit- Fraz stands. When all the dogs lay down, he sits. And the one time when he was supposed to be standing, he was standing, until the judge glanced his way then he just layed down. The family got a good laugh at me tugging at the horse-sized dog's collar trying to get him to stand up. HAHA. It was pretty funny!! Even though he wasn't obedient, he was well behaved... which really, is all I wanted. I had horror visions of him dragging me through the mud across the field while I griped the lead. So I am glad that didn't happen. :) For some pictures of the festival (many of which look a lot like the pictures I took myself) just click here.
Mom, Siera, Hannah, Lecy... you would have LOVED these horses!!!!!!

So that is my weekend in a flash. I will update with perhaps some pictures of our Europe trip a bit later. By later I don't mean in another month... I mean by the end of the week. So keep checking!!! I promise to update more often. The children start school a week from today, which will leave more time for my blog and bleeders. For this, I am very excited!!!