Saturday, December 22

Paris Continued

Finally in a timely fashion! Here is that video I promised last blog. It is a compilation of all the video I took along with (most) all of my pictures. I also had to throw a song in--couldn't resist. It's not even a christmas song, but it is one of my favorites (If you have seen Enchanted you know what I mean!).


I am also uploading some more pictures of Marie Antoinette's gardens, as requested by my Dad. It was definitely a highlight of my trip!


Colie's Dad said...

Totally COOL! Siera and Jake are doing their annual violin recital at the old folks home this morning but I had to get up and look at your new post. Mom cried... got to go!

skousenmom said...

Loved the video and I did not cry! Ok, I did get a little tear in my eye because I saw your happy smiling face and it made me so happy that you are getting to live one of your life's dreams to travel! It just makes me happy to see you happy. I guess that's what it means to be a mom. Love the blog and love you! mom

Marie said...

Totally loved the video Nicole! You just got to show me how to do that! I am such a computer dimwit when it comes to stuff like this! I have to say you sang beautifully in church last night. It was so lovely. You are a sweet girl and I have enjoyed so much getting to know you better these past few months. I can well imagine that you family misses you so very much. You are such a gem to have around! XXOO HAPPY Christmas! (oh that sounds so British! tee hee!)

I Brought His Camera said...

Holy Hannah, if took me a second but I just understood your blog's name. It's called Poppins, because you're an awesome nanny, and because you're in Europe, and also because you can fly. Awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...


As always your video and pictures are amazing. What type of camera are you using? I keep emailing you but I think it gets stuck somewhere in cyber space. Well, Paris was wonderful watching on video and pictures. Thanks again for sharing. Love martha