Monday, November 5

Wine and Cheese

"Remember, remember the fifth of November." Thats the rhyme that the kids keep repeating for the 5th. I would compare the festivities to those of the Fourth of July- fireworks, BBQs, the whole sha-bang. We went to the kids school to watch fireworks and let me tell you, it was the best firework show I have ever seen! And yes, I have been to the BYU show almost every year, and this show made the others look like the fireworks I set off on my driveway in comparison. What is the reason for this fantastic display of color and mind popping enjoyment? Why, Guy Fawkes of course. Who is this Guy anyways? Well, I will spare you the history lesson on this blog, but if you would like to hear (or read, rather) a tale of conspiracy, torture, fire and death- simply click here. For those of you who decided not to click the link let me sum it up for you. Guy was a guy (ha ha...) who wanted to overthrow the government, so he got 36 barrels of gunpowder and planned to blow up the houses of parliament. Turns out the plot was foiled on November 5th, and Fawkes was caught and tortured and executed. So we have fireworks and a bonfire to celebrate the capture of this crazy man. Seems reason enough? Anyways, we had a really nice evening.

After the fireworks/bonfire we were invited around to one of the Mum's from school's houses. When she called to invite us she spoke to me on the phone in a thick Danish accent to ask if we wanted to come over for Wine and Cheese. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself, I have never heard anybody invite someone else over for that combination before. It was so nice, they had a really impressive display of cheeses, one was even wrapped in brown leaves. They had loads of fruit and veg to eat with the cheese, along with bread and crackers and the most delicious wine... not that I would know personally, but my coke was great tasting too.

So I decided that when I get home, all of you are invited over to my house for "Wine and Cheese". Of course we may need to make a substitution here and there, but I am really going to do it. I want to hear the sound of disbelief on the other end of the line when I say, in my best english accent, "would you like to join me at my house for some juice and cheese?" Now that is odd sounding. So get excited my friends, cause when I get home- it's cheese and peppers all night looonnnngggg. Maybe we can top it off with some sparklers, just for fun. :)


Anonymous said...

Well,it's family night and I said to myself - I'll check to see what Nicole is doing. So after reading your blog I had a family night treat of grapejuice with crackers & cheese. That will have to do till you get home and issue the accented invitation and show us how it's really done English style + "sparklers". (A couple of weeks ago we put sparklers on Jared's 18 rice krispee treat. Sorry you missed it :)!)

Saturday was Autumn's baptism - Gerry gave the talk on the gift of the Holy Ghost - and he did it masterfully. Samantha came home for the baptism and she and Johnathon played violin accompaniment for the rest of their family to sing the special number "A Child's Prayer". They also kept special violin duets of grimary songs and hymns going during that time between baptism and waiting for Autumn & her dad to get dry clothes on. The bishop noted how the music helped maintain a very reverent feeling for the primary room full of Autumn's friends and family - cousins and aunts and uncles were out in full support. We missed you and I wanted to try to describe for you how beautiful it was. The very essential priesthood ordinances that we witnessed are more simple than elaborate yet so powerful because of the authority with which they are administered - "having been commissioned of Jesus Christ". I am so thankful for the beautiful, joyous gospel that blesses our lives!
Family night hugs! - SCSC

Marie said...

How wonderful that you enjoyed your Guy Fawkes night here in England. We never get out much to the fireworks as we don't like to leave our dog alone on that night, but we do get to enjoy them from our upstairs window as we can see quite far around from up there, so it's good anyways. Wine and cheese, incredibly tasty idea, except for the wine anyways. I do enjoy a nice white sparkling grape juice with it though. Ohh, and fruit. You must have fruit, perhaps some ripe figs, purple and green grapes and a slice of pear and apple or two or three! You can get some really nice paper leaves to line the cheese tray with. They look extra special. I think you can get them at lakeland. Now that would make your wine and cheese party something extra special!

Amie said...

I want to be invited to this cheese and juice party. AND, I want you to teach me how to speak with an english accent.

Toad and Sue said...

nice comment Grandma--interesting forum to spread the family joy.

Back to wine and cheese. I will throw you the most amazing Wine and cheese party when you get home, you just have to come to Texas to get it. :-)