Thursday, November 15


Observation #1
People don't eat birthday cake at birthday parties, nor do they open gifts.

Thats right, it is a long time observation and it took a few times for me to realize that this is a customary thing, and not just an "opps we didn't have time for cake" thing. Birthday Parties always include the following:
-An outrageous activity or theme that tops the party of last week's birthday boy or girl.
-A delicious, sometimes catered, dinner menu with starters and desserts (not cake though)
-Funtastic party bags that leave half the kids with back aches the next day from having to carry them from the party to the car.
-A "wowie" to remember. This would be something extraordinary that happened at the party that sets it apart from any other party and burns in the children's minds for years...or at least until the next party!
- They don't open presents. Nope presents are left promptly at the door and are left untouched for the entire party. Personally, I don't know how the kids stand just leaving their gifts there to stand idle by themselves. I get so anxious to watch the recipient open the gift that I am practically ripping off the paper before it even touches their hands. Self control I guess, self control.
- Never make a home-baked cake. why waste hours of time when you can pop into your local Salisbury's and pick up a professionally made cake? And though they are nowhere near Costco cake deliciousness, they look really awesome! (note: replace the word awesome with one like "lovely" or "quite nice")

Observation #2
Among all the foreign food and sugary treats, people around here don't know the difference between a no bake cookie and a quesadilla.

You read correctly, they don't have quesadillas, fajitas, no bake cookies, graham crackers, butterfingers, or Mexican Restaurants, or any restaurant that is not Indian, American, or Coffee!

Yeah this one revolves around food. But isn't food one thing that distinguishes one culture from another? Yes, thank you it is. And I find it strange that among all the many nationalities here there is not one single places to get a Mexican dish. So, naturally, I had to make Chicken Quesadillas. And, to nobody's suprise really because they are so good, they were a big hit! Everyone loved them! They are also Fajita fans as well. I also showed them how to make a simple and delicious no bake cookie- shabam another hit! They loved them, I think I am on a role here- if you have any more recipies you think I should make for my English family let me know!!

Observation #3
Paris is less than 2 and a half hours away.

Now this is a point you would have thought I'd noticed by now. But because I am rather slow, and this is a recent observation, tonight I sat at my computer and booked myself a weekend trip to Paris. Sacrebleu! I am excited! I think it will be amazing to see all the lights this time of year in Paris. Hopefully I will find someone to go with me, but if not- its a solo trip! And you know what? I am going to love every minute of it!

Observation #4
(Speaking of Paris) Paris Hilton needs a life, a real job, and a severe dose of reality.

A couple times a week I will flick to the Deseret News home page or the Salt Lake Tribune to see what is going on back in the good ol state of Utah. Among several rather amusing articles, I came across one that made me very nearly drop of out my seat laughing. First of all, the title couldn't have been more ridiculous, and it was so insanely long it has no business being a headline- it should be a short story. And I must say, I do hate drawing any attention whatsoever to this certain celebrity, but this is defiantly chuckle worthy! "Paris Hilton's efforts to save binge-drinking elephants are praised by conservationists". First of all, let me just say that Paris Hilton would get praised for picking her nose, and an award for flicking it. So it's no surprise that some lowly conservationist is jumping up to kiss her in the rear for this cause. I just think it's funny-of all the causes in the world! Drunken elephants! I am still laughing!


Anonymous said...


I can't believe I have missed so much in the last couple of weeks. I am amazed at all you do while in Englan. I hope Paris is a blast, someday....I will be able to travel but right now I am truly blessed to have a job that will provide that opportunity later. I loved the tea shop store and I love that you are cooking and having them try new food. I wonder if they have ever had a hot Italian beef or chicago style pizza. Diffently both awesome foods. Pizza would be easy enough to make, but the beef might be one that will take some time, but well worth it. Well, got to run. I am trying to catch up on sleep. We did the first phase of Brad's eagle scout project yesterday. don't forget to invite me to your wine (grape juice and chees party) I will have to come to Utah just for it. Love you tons. Martha

Marie said...

Yes, I miss Taco Bell. You can find the odd Mexican restaurant, but they are few and far between and when you do find one it's nothing like what they are like back home. Yet, when you make TexMex for a brit they go nuts over it! Hmm....could that be a business opportunity? You could open a TexMex restaurant . . . NO binge drinking elephants allowed of course!

Nicole's mum said...

That's my girl! A true chef at heart I think! Seriously though, maybe we should see about opening a mexican restaurant at the O2 Center! That would be fun! Of course, it would be a rather long commute.... Anyway, love your observations. You always notice things that I am to oblivious to notice. It's one of the many things that makes being around you so much fun! Miss you and love you tons and tons more! Mom

Toad and Sue said...

excellent observations--I'm with you about the food oh oh oh ooh it just came to me YOU HAVE TO GO EAT AT WAGAMAMA noodle bar in London, it's sooooso sooooso yummy and great when it's cold. just google it there are a million locations oh oh oh and take pictures for me