Sunday, November 4

I Heart My Brother

It's true, I adore all of my siblings from my giant brother all the way down, but none of us get along the same way that Sticky and I do. Stick, is my fond nickname for my sweetie brother Josh. How did he get this name you might ask? I have to admit that Darwin would appreciate the evolution that this particular nickname has gone through. It started out as Mr. Stinky Pants, a name lovingly given by myself for the impressive stink that this boy can produce out of know. Turns out this is quite a mouthful when hollering through the house when the phone is for him, or someone is at the door, or you need someone to fetch you a cup of water from the next story of the house. Anyways, it turned into just Stinky. Then it proved to be too hard to pronounce the "n" in Stinky when speaking in my chipmunk voice, so it turned into Sticky. This is just as fitting as Mr. Stinky Pants because even though sometimes he lays some pretty nastoid eggs, he is always as thin as a stick. For those of you who have had the privilege of seeing the infamous "Skeleton Man" you totally agree with me. Stick is the boy version of me, but better in my opinion, and I hope he doesn't mind me saying that! We laugh at all the same jokes, love all the same television shows, have the same sense of humor, we both tend to look around at times and realize our head is way up in the clouds, we are both shorties, we are both awesome. Ok that last one is a lot more him than me, but you get the picture.

Since it is Sunday I thought I would ease up a smidge on the text (because I am brain dead and can't really think of anything to write about) and leave you with some impressive videos that Stick and I came across while talking today. We found them both funny and entertaining and fun for a Sunday screening.

We decided we are going to build a Teeterboard in the back yard when we get home. Don't worry, we will test it out on Jake to make sure we can get the hight we need.

This one is just really awesome, because they really did this to the buildings- no special effects!

This one used the most Play Doh ever, like over 1 ton in weight worth of play doh...impressive.

I am going to learn to do this some day...

We also discussed how much we love Jim Halpert from the office, I don't think a cooler guy exists, and our plans for future skydiving-surprise mom! Love you Sticky!


Marie said...

Cool videos! I havent' figured out how to post videos on my blog yet though. I especially like the last one. We have a Renault, but some how I can't picture Todd and I doing that . . . would be great for a laugh though and I bet more than a few heads would turn!

Nicole's Mum said...

Jake says he is game for the teeter board! Siera is right in line to volunteer too. Great...Well, just don't kill anybody. Seriously though, these were fun videos. It's amazing the things people can do. Well, miss you so much and hope to talk to you soon! love, Mom

Anonymous said...

cole i loved the videos!you NEED to look at this website!k you go to youtube and type twilight the movie and it will show alot of traliers but go to the one that is black and white with a girl you will LOVE it!
see you soon(hopefuly)
Siera love ya!

Anonymous said...

I heart my grandson Joshua !!

I have a snapshot of him being the 'stick' at that Mt Baldy trip family campfire time.

However, Josh is much more bendable than a stick when he's break dancin' -that's for sure! He is sooo good at it too !


Toad and Sue said...

I love your brother Sticky too... fun videos, seriously I could watch youtube ALL DAY