Tuesday, October 16

Ode to my Wellies

My wellies are really neat,
they fit so nicely on my feet.
when it starts to rain outside,
I put on my wellies with pride.
I stamp in puddles, deep and muddy,
Fraser is my walking buddy.
I sing and dance in the rain with grace,
and nothing but happiness fills my face.
Not a drop of water will wet my sock,
By golly, my wellies rock!

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the climate of Great Britain, let me enlighten you. It's really wet. That about sums it up! All of this green doesn't just happen without a whole lotta water you know! Since I be walking the dog every day through the woods and things, you can imagine how muddy the trails get with the (especially recent) onslaught of rain. I feel so happy when I get to wear my wellies, so happy that I decided to write a poem and a blog about the joy the rainbow colored, water fighting, feet protecting wellies bring me. One of my favorite things is to go walking in the rain with my 'brelly' (aka, umbrella- thats what a lot of folks around here call them) wearing my wellies.
Question: How fun are those two words to say in a sentence?
Answer: Too fun.

Ok, so now that you are all wishing you had rainbow wellies, let me tempt you with some delicious cake. That's right it was Sarah's birthday, and the kids and I (with the emphasis on the I) spent a couple hours making this enormous cake. Yep, that's my motto- go big or go home. It's a good thing I bought those decorative flowers or else it would have looked like a large heaping pile of crap. Lucky for me, the flowers made it look like a decent cake! Just pretend you can't see all the icing splattered all over the plate and table and walls and....well it was delicious, and that's all that matters right!

I also photoshopped this picture in a nice frame for her, and she really liked it!

Well this is the last post I will be making for about a week or so because my dear friends, starting tomorrow, I will be in Spain soaking up some sun. It is much needed, because my skin has forgotten what a tan is and I can't remember the last time I went outside without a jacket. The anticipation is killing me! Today the kids and I were singing songs from our favorite red-headed orphan, and it went a little something like this. "Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya! Tomorrow! You're only a Daaaaaayyyyy, AAAAAAAAAA, WAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!" (big finish)


Sam said...

I hope you have fun! I know that I am wishing I was over there with you in good old europe. Gosh, you are so cool and you are doing the coolest things! I LOVED your poem about wellies. That was awesome. It made me laugh because there is this one Gaelic Storm song about wellies and your poem made me really happy.(by the way, if you didn't know, Gaelic Storm is an Irish fiddle band that John is obsessed with.)
Part o' the chorus:
"He wore his own wellies;
He wore his own wellies;
He wore his own weeeeellliiies;
Like he had nothing to lose!"

Marie said...

Unfortunately I can't see any of the pics for some reason, but I am quite sure they are way cool wellies. It DOES rain ever so much over here and wellies are a must! I am holding out for a pair of Croc wellies though . . . pink ones. Hope you have a lovely time in Spain!

Amie said...

Wow...Wearing your wellies with your brelly. That does sound fun! Hey have fun in Spain beatiful! I'm glad we got to talk before you left! Soak up the sun for me. It's freezing here in Utah now. :) Love you!

Dona and co. said...

I know that you are in Spain right now and I think that is truly fab but I must say that I really want to see the pictures of the wellies and the birthday cake and I might just go over the edge before you get back here and fix that little technical problem.
I am really working on a link to the wellies song. You will LOVE it. I loved that you were writing poems about wellies across the pond while your cousin, Johnathon was here playin' his mandolin here on this continent to a song about wellies. IT just really got to me. I can't get anyone to quite share in my jubilance but Samantha is on the same page I think.

Martha said...


I love the peom, but would love to see your rainbow wellies. I also am looking forward to seeing the cake. The only picture I was able to see was the Anne picture.
I hope Spain was a lot of fun and can't wait to see the pics and hear about all you did. I hope you did not get a sunburn. Sunblock all the way.
Hope Spain was great. Love Martha

colie-o said...

ok hopefully all of you can see my pics now! sorry about the technical error... I have no idea how that happened!

Toad and Sue said...

I love the the wellies! And that's a whole new word for me. Your poem really captured the affection you feel for your wellies--well done :)

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