Friday, September 28

The Spanish Inquisition

What a hectic week this one has been! Hectic and eventful. To start things off Gemma broke her wrist and had to have surgery on Sunday, which put a great start to the week. Poor girl fell off the monkey bars and her wrist quickly swelled to rival a golf ball in the matter of seconds. She is doing much better now, and will soon have a bright pink cast to have everyone sign. Now, because she has so much time on her hands, she has more time to sit and think. This means it's 20 questions every time we get into the car, or she finds me making dinner, or any time she isn't doing something better than asking me questions (which isn't that often). The following are just some of the questions that she has been dishing me.

What is your all time favorite movie?

well, that would have to depend on my mood. I can't pick just one-but I can give you a relatively short list that includes: "What About Bob", "Gladiator", "Step Up", "A Cinderella Story", "Moulin Rouge" and "The Lion King".

What is the funniest movie you have ever seen?
(Again, I make a list) "ELF"(which is probably my favorite comedy movie ever) "The Man Who Knew Too Little", "Liar, Liar", "Bruce Almighty", "Tommy Boy"

you should note that they have never seen "monty python and the holy grail"!

What is the saddest movie you have ever seen? the scariest? the weirdest? the longest? the stupidest? my goodness she wanted to here about the movies I watch, which only opened my mind to how many films I have sat through. If I could have every hour spent on a movie and turn it into an hour of something productive- I would be so much better for it!

She also asked things like: What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen?
I immediately thought of that time when we were looking at those baby bears in the cage and one by one they stared sucking on each other's ears in a line. There were about 10 of them, and that was weird. I mean honestly how often does that happen? Not very.

I have also told the story about how my dad tackled the criminal the police were chasing through the soccer fields, thus assisting in his arrest. Yes, my Dad is a superhero-he is just very good at hiding it. Sorry to blow your secret!

I also have the kids convinced I am dating Zac Efron, from Hairspray. Since he is pretty much the most gorgeous boy I have ever seen it makes sense that we would be dating right? Every time a picture of him pops up on the AOL news or on the disney channel Gemma says "oh there is your boyfriend!" And I just reply with something like "ohhh he looks even better there than he did this morning at breakfast", or "I cant wait to go dancing with him tonight, too bad you kids will be asleep when he comes by to pick me up!" No wonder they like me, they just want to be friends with someone who is dating someone famous! ha ha ha.

In other exciting news I do have some trips coming up soon that I am super pumped about. The first one being a trip to Bath and Stonehenge taking place in a couple weeks! The second, and very anticipated, trip to Costa Del Sol and Seville Spain with the family! The third venture is a horseback riding weekend to Wales! I am so insanely excited for all of these events-I can hardly stand it! Yes yes, I promise to post pictures.

This week I ate a toad in the hole.


Yes, when they told me that was my reaction too. But a toad in the hole is a meal that is actually quite delicious. Since it is rather hard to describe, Check out the link that will take you to a picture and a recipe! Make it for your families at home, they will either love it or think you have gone mad. And If they love it you can feel free to credit me for the recipe. You're Welcome!


Dona and co. said...

So glad that you posted. Enjoyed reading your movie lists. Too bad about Gemma's wrist, is that what is holding up the long awaited music video? Can't wait to read the further adventures of colie-o.

p.s. So what does Zac have for breakfast.

colie-o said...
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Dona and co. said...

I TOTALLY believe you are his girlfriend too! Although I don't think he is cool enough for you. Afterall you are going horsebacking in Wales and you are extraordinarily clever not to mention oh so adorable!

Dona and co. said...

(That would be horseback RIDING in

Marie said...

You have good taste in boyfriends if I don't say so myself, even if I am old enough to be his mother! He is a cutie though. My boys loved Toad in the Hole when they came over to visit me several years back. Delia's recipe is the best and the one that I use when I make it. You can't beat Delia's recipe for anything though. She truly is the Queen of British Cuisine! Sounds like you have some lovely adventures coming up and I, for one, can't wait to read your blog about them!

Sam said...

I am so insanely jealous of you that its not even funny. I am excited for you of course, all those trips; SEVILLE, Stonehenge(you will love stonhenge; I LOVED stonehenge at least), and HORSEBACK RIDING in WALES!!! Good greif cuz! That is awesome and you will have so much fun!! I want to hear all about each trip!

Love ya cuz!

skousenmom said...

Oh honey, I am so excited for all you are getting to do! I think I am now living my life vicariously through you! I will have to make toad in the hole for the family. I bet they will love it! About the boyfriend though--definately not good enough for you. Sorry, I am a little prejudiced--but then I know just how great YOU are! Anyway, at least you have great taste! Sure love you and miss you! Mom

Marie said...

Nichole, Todd has been trying to get in touch with you. Do you think you could call him on his cell number: 07982445483