Tuesday, September 11

Weight a minute!

I think I have an addiction. An addiction to sugar, and carbs...and anything that is not a fruit, vegetable, or good for you. I have been trying, and recently succeeding at overcoming this 'temptation' and drop those extra pounds keeping me from entering the marathon. I happened to be watching the simpsons tonight, and I this episode was on, and if you ask me it is sheer brilliance because this is sooooo me! I feel a newfound blond to this little yellow character we all know and love as the talented, smart, Lisa Simpson. Take a look.

I think I am about to go do some cake diving now. But not before I hit up the "pound saver" menu at the local Micky D's. just kidding. Does anybody else find it ironic that you would call a menu full of items that are guaranteed to make you flab the pound saver menu? First of all if I wanted to save pounds I wouldn't spend it there in the first place. Secondly, eating that fatty deliciousness won't save me pounds, it will either make me gain them or spend more time at the gym. I think that McDonald's needs to rethink their marketing strategy.

One thing interesting about living here is that there are literally no drive throughs-apart from the one at McDonald's. It makes things oh-so-very-inconvenient. You can't find a Wendy's, Arbys, Taco Bell, Blimpie, Sonic, you name it. If you want to get food you actually have to park and get out of your car!! A novel idea in America, and I was surprised at how annoyed I was at first when unable to grab a soda or a bite when I was hungry and on the road. It's not like I used the drive through very often when they were available to me, but now that the option is gone-its really frustrating.

Convenience is something that is not a widely used concept here. There is no such thing as a Wal-Mart, Target, or Super K-Mart. Ok that is sortof a lie because wal-mart baught a chain called ASDA and they DO have everything. But we don't have an ASDA closer than 45 minutes which means I must suffer in the world of multiple stop shopping, or MSS. Now it sounds like a disease, which it should because it really makes life so much more difficult! Not to mention that over here there is no such thing as free parking anywhere. Between that and the petrol expense which is around $8.00/gallon (still complaining about $3?) driving a car has become something I dread and each trip out includes a well drawn out map and a list of places to go. It is something I am fairly used to now though, I don't know what I will do with so many convenient options when I get back! So next time you order at the McDonald's drive through, be glad the words 'pound' and 'saver' aren't staring you in the face to remind you that you really shouldn't be eating there. Next time you fill up with gas remember that no matter how high it is, there are people paying twice that! And the next time you go into your friendly local wal-mart, smile at the old people flashing their dentures at you and let them put that smiley face sticker on your shirt. They like that.


Dona and co. said...

I actually paid $2.63 at the pump
yesterday. I guess I should be happy about that! It sounds like the best thing I could do for healthy living in general is move to England. Loved the post as always!

Amanda lee said...

First of all the video totally cracked me up!!! That is so me. I have no self control unless you put a lock on the fridge. Good Old McDonalds...I find myslef there once a week and I blame it on the kids wanting it, but I secretly enjoy their fries! I remember in England McDonalds would not be off by itself on a corner lot, it would be built into a buidling of other shops and stores adn you entered off the street and into a building to go in and eat. The British seem to walk every where (when it is in reasonable distance), I think us Amaericans have just gotten lazy and spoiled with our drive throughs and Wally Worlds, LOL!

Marie said...

Great post. One of the things I learned very early on over here is that rain won't make you melt. You don't have to stay indoors because it is raining. If one did that over here, you'd hardly ever get out of the house at times. We are a great nation of walkers and I love that about Britain. There are times though that I do miss wal-mart . . .

Nicole's Mum said...

I think they are on to something in England. After all, if things were not so convenient, especially the "bad food", we probably wouldn't eat so much of it! On the other hand, I noticed they do like to have "cake" with their daily tea. Although I secretly liked that a lot, I think it would be deadly for my midsection if I had tea (or rather hot chocolate in my case!) and cake daily. Still, I like how they walk more there. I do appreciate "free" water at the restaurants here though! And especially, I like be able to have LOTS of ice in my drink! I guess there are great things about both places. I sure loved visiting there though. I think I could get used to it! :) Mom

Sam said...

Ha ha. That video made me laugh. Mostly because I can identify with it completely. Hmmm...I wish I was a better blog writer. You are an amazing blog writer and they are always so creative and cute. *sigh* maybe one of these days...

Amanda lee said...

Was it just me or did the British have deep "Loo's" (toliets)? I just remember them being so deep. Hmmmmmm, you'll have to give me your opinion on that one :~)

Anonymous said...

Man - you guys are so spoiled!! (by 'you guys' I of course am talking about the American variety of our human species - cause that's US parlance - 'you guys')
It's really NOT that hard to get out of your car and walk to a shop...... 'o) It's weird - coming from Oz - I found the exact opposite. In Australia, we walk EVERYWHERE! or cycle - you just don't use your car like they do here.. I found it really discomfiting the first few years - that it felt like I drove everywhere, and the ONLY walking I would do is from a carpark to a shop, or work! I'm kinda used to it now though (hence my extra pounds - or kilos in Oz)..

and you know how people cope with all that MSS?? you just don't buy so much stuff! seriously - that's what I've noticed..

My American friends were stunned that the only place you could get take out breakfast in Australia was McDonalds - who do there hash browns and Sausage McBreakfast (sausages, smashed eggs and muffins) - oh and pancakes.. It's funny how countries can be so different, isn't it...?!

btw I looooove Wal-Mart - frequented the Orem one when staying at Days Inn, Orem... even bought my extra suitcase I needed at midnight (leaving for flight at 4am!) when I filled and expanded mine - only to find I still had a bed-full of BYU sloppy-joes & t-shirts, groovy Starbucks flasks, Covenant books, Conference CDs, mugs from Park City & a Table Topics cube! A midnight dash to Wal-Marts 'round the corner, and I had a funky new red suitcase! Wal-Marts rocks..... 'o) Lou xx

Anonymous said...

Poppins - you write a great blog
I love reading it!
Mine is a familynight post - I'm thinkin' of you !!! Did you get some other emails I sent?
Do you have those photos of You, JAred, Joshua, Siera, and Jacob that I want to make into 8x10's for my gallery wall? Jared couldn't access them.
Some family news- did you know that Autumn had her 8th birthday so will be baptised on Sept 29th !

Amanda is singing in a youth choir at the Sat. afternoon session of general conference.

Hope you're eating healthy because of the lack of drive through options and feeling happy inspite of the lack of drive through options.


Sam said...

Ahh, thanks. I wasn't refering to the number of people reading my blog, since I am not sure I want very many reading my ugly first drafts in writing anyways. I was mostly refering to the cuteness of your blog and the awesome way that you write them.
Anyways I can't wait for your next post! In case you didn't know, I check your blog everyday. Well, I need to go to class. Love ya!