Tuesday, September 18

Alpha Mayo and Bw's

First of all, those years of German class have finally paid off. You see, for some reason my blogger account is now completely auf Deutsch. I don't know how, I don't know why, the other day it just went world war II and converted everything to German.
So I am feeling very proud that I can read the words to post yet another blurb about my life. Aren't you all so thrilled? Thank you Frau Carmiol! I always knew German would be useful to me someday.

My last post, however true it is, I thought in hindsight sounded a bit pessimistic. It is wrong of me to give off this attitude, because I absolutely LOVE everything here! So this post is dedicated to the positive, the 10 greatest things about being me and living where I do, with the people I am with. I am one lucky gal!

10) Higher self esteem. According to the kids I am "funny when I am American, funny when I am English, and funny when I'm Irish!" (I was practicing my accents...need I say more?)

9) Indian Food. You know there isn't much fast food here, but there is enough Indian food in one town to keep the entire population of Utah satisfied for a decade. I am not joking, it's all the rage!

8) Driving on the Left-Hand side of the road, where the speed limit is always 60, on roads that are roughly the size of train tracks. Thats right, it tests your driving skills and your reflexes--sometimes I pretend I am James Bond chasing down bad guys twisting and winding through the streets at top speed...then a car passes me to let me know I was going to slow. Ok so maybe I am not 'James Bond' material, but I love driving on these roads!

7) "Loo's". Who doesn't like that word? It's just fun to say, and I thoroughly enjoy myself every time I get to use it.

6) Amazing Views. I go on a walk with the dog (picture coming soon) every morning, and the views never cease to amaze me! The scenery here is very impressive-sometimes I feel like I have jumped into the pages of a picture book. Perhaps I won't feel that way in the winter when I am walking Fraz in the snow, wind, and ice...but for now-its awesome.

5) Jacket potatoes. That's 'baked potato' in American. At home we are SO boring with our potatoes, what do we do...butter them? maybe a little salt and pepper to 'jazz' them up? well not here. Jacket potatoes are big, with healthy amounts of tuna and sweetcorn mounded on top. Or if you are less of a tuna person, there is always the Heinz baked beans and cheese option. Its usually one of the two! Both are very good!

4) Location Location Location. Where I am living is absolutely perfect! Enough of the outdoor, country life to keep the nature-lover in me happy, and close enough to London to keep my inner city-girl satisfied. It is really great.

3) Fine delicacies like chocolate and squash. You haven't had chocolate till you have had chocolate here! Those of you who have tried European chocolate are nodding your heads right now and salivating at the simple memory of it. mmmmmm. It is that good. And what about squash? no no no, not the vegetable-the drink. Squash is like un-concentrated juice. You pour a little bit in your cup then fill it up with water. Comes in all flavors. Delish.

2) The kids are always quoting me when I say things like, "YO!" or "dude" or anything really "Americany". I often get told I speak like the disney channel. Probably because of my constant substitution words like darn, goodness, heck, flip, you name it...I use it. The kids think it's hilarious. They even pick up on things from stories I have told them, for example:
When my parents and I were traveling in europe, we saw big bales of hay that were rolled up into giant balls (they call them rollie-pollies here) and covered in a white sack. Upon glimpsing this wonder my dad pressed his face to the train window and cried "MARSHMALLOWS!!!" -like a kid in a candy shop. Then he took a picture of them. The picture, below, is of those "giant marshmallows".
So now that I have told the kids that story, every time we pass rollie-pollies they holler in unison--"Marshmallows!" (even though they don't have white bags on them)


*Drum roll*

1) The people. The people here are the number one reason it is sooo great! The family I am with is amazing, and we get along really well. The ward I am in is wonderful, and everyone is so nice! I enjoy every minute I spend in the company of the people here. Whether it's a day out with the family, a ward activity, or sitting and observing people in Leicester square, its great!

So despite the high petrol prices, the MSS, and the lack of fast food--life is pretty dang good.

Of course, there are more than 10 things that make living here really great, but if I tried to name every little thing this would be the blog post that never ends...it would go on and on my friends! (sing to the tune of lamb-chop)

My car, my cute car, has a cool name. 'Her' name is Bella. Not named by me (although I am rather partial to the name after reading the 'Twilight' series) but named by Gemma. You see I drive a Volkswagen, and the sign for Volkswagen is VW--as you know. Well she thought that it was a BW, and therefor named my car after what seemed to be the first letter of it's, excuse me, her initials. The name of Sarah's car-which is an alfa romeu, sounds somewhat like "Alpha-Mayo" to Gemma... so thats what we call it. Its really cute actually!

The kids and I are currently working on making a music video-of which we are nearly finished. When we are done I will put the final product on here, be prepared to be blown away by the acting skills of these up and coming stars. and I mean prepare yourselves, they are good. I am talkin duct-tape-your-chair-to-the-floor-so-you-don't-tip-over good. Be excited.

We are also making our own radio show. This one might turn out to be more embarrassing than entertaining. If that is the case then it is unlikely it will make it onto the world wide web. But you never know, it just depends on what time of night I decide to update!

I would like to holla a quick shout out to my fam damily who so frequently reads and comments on my blogs! To read about my amazing aunt juggling life with eight crazy kids, check out my Aunt Dona's Blog. You should also check out the blog of an aspiring writer in script, my cousin Samantha's blog, which is full of writing rough drafts that seem like more than rough drafts to me! She is a great writer. There is also my talented Aunt Sarah's Blog, which is always full of funny insights and pictures of everyone. I simply love it!


Dona and co. said...

Loved your update. I loved hearing about your top 10 but I have to ask for clarification on the loo.
Do you love the word everytime you use the word loo or do you love the loo everytime you use THE loo?
Thanks for the link to my humble blog and for your ever loyal readership.
P.S. How's the land of Catan?

Dona and co. said...

I forgot to say that I am waiting in eager anticipation to see both the picture of Fraz and the upcoming music video. (Speaking of music videos, have you seen the movie "Music With Lyrics" it has some great music videos reminiscent of the one your taxi driver made.)

Marie said...

I love this post! I can so relate to all that you have said here about these little eccentricities of living in the UK. I feel the same way that you do about them. I just love this country and everything to do with it. It is my home now and will stay so forever. I shall pop over to check out your links and let me just say I can't wait to see your video! You sound like a seriously good nanny and your family is well lucky to have you! I am sure they know that already though!

Nicole's Mum said...

Oh No! It sounds like I have lost my daughter's heart to England! Ah well, it was bound to happen. It is an incredibly beautiful place and your family there are rather extraordinary! Still, don't forget about your American family--we have no intention of letting you go! I am so glad that you are having such a great experience, and in those rare moments when you do feel homesick, just remember to count your blessings, name them one by one. You know, you will probably come home and be homesick for England! Ah well, there are worse problems! To other readers--I have had a sneak preview of the music video, and I have to say with pride, that it is pretty darn good! I can't wait to see the finished product! Way to go hon! You are pretty amazing! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are amazing, colie-o !
I'm looking forward to the music video - your DVD production for my 70th even made me look good and that is proof of exceptional talent!!

Your top 10 was fun to read - (what is loos?) You sparkle cause you are lovin' the people and maximizing the opportunities and counting your blessings!

Those 'younguns' are really fortunate to have you 'Poppins' !!!

Miss you !
Hugs !

colie-o said...

loos are toilets, grandma, and to my aunt-when I wrote that I meant saying the word was enjoyable...but thinking about it I would have to say my answer to your question is BOTH.

Sam said...

Hey Cuz! Loved the update and I can't wait to see this music video of yours! I am excited! They are rough drafts you know, really. This class has been good for me because it has forced me to actually write, no matter how frustrated I get with my inadequacies. As to England I love it too! I am saving up for the trip we are taking there when you get back. Hope you are planning on it! :) Well, keep updating! I LOVE reading your blog, it is always fun! You are amazing! Love ya cuz!

Anonymous said...

Guess I was thinking England used the term water closet for toilet like in Europe. Yes, I found the interpretation for loos when I thought to look back at your Sept 9 blogg with the English 'translations' - I also saw on your list that my last name - clegg means horsefly.
Howards ancestors from England didn't know that - they sure didn't have it on their family crest:)

Changing the subject - did you say you were ask to speak in church last Sunday? Did you get another chance to be the chorister?

colie-o said...

SC-yes I spoke in church, and it went well for the following reasons. 1-I didn't faint. 2- I didn't cry 3- I didn't have to stand on a stool to reach the mic.

And no, the chorister was back so they didn't need me...thank goodness!

Amanda lee said...

Very good top 10's!!!! The Chocolate one is my fav! I think England is one of the most beautiful places to live, how lucky you are. Find a british mate and then you will never have to leave, except to visit your family which I sure you miss dearly! I am anxious to see how your radio show will turn out and I am excited to see your video you have made. Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

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