Monday, August 27

I am back!

It's true, I am back to blogging after a month of neglect. I am not going to bother with any excuses because we all know they would just be rubbish. First of all, I would like to start off this new blog with a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY
to my Aunt Dona and Uncle Grant! Hope you guys are having a great day! I am thinking of you.

So this week has been very busy. It was bank holiday weekend, which is basically like memorial day weekend or labor day weekend- everyone has Monday off- So it was chalk full of fun! That was the good news, the bad news is that I took LOADS of pictures and video to show you all and I just barely went to load them on my computer and it said it had a major error and all my pictures got deleted from the memory stick. It was SO odd... and very disappointing! So this will be a very wordy blog with few pictures. Its so sad because I took so many pictures and videos with you bleeders in mind. OK.

Saturday we went to the medieval festival. It is staged on the grounds of Herstmonceux castle and everyone there was dressed in medieval attire and camping out in medieval tents and cooking medieval food. They had pigs heads with apples in the mouth set out on the table everywhere and pheasants hanging with twine around their necks ready to cook. These people actually come and live like the people in the middle ages lived! The best part was the battle reenactments though. There were men, dressed in full armor, on two separate teams that fought each other. They had blunt swards and blunt ended arrows, but they were screaming and going at each other like their lives depended on it! There were archers shooting arrows through the air and hitting opposing teammates that screamed in pain (I guess it actually did hurt a little, similar to a paint ball gun I think) and fell to the ground winging and 'dying'. The whole thing was really cool!! There was also real jousting, on some of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen. It was so neat! Since the sun was actually shining for once (a break from the constant cloud cover and rain we have had all week long) we had a nice time walking around the gardens and being outside. I did find some neat pix on the website for the event- you can read a little bit about it by clicking here, or for pictures click here.

Sunday I had a really nice day at church, the ward is very nice. This week I counted 52 people in Sacrament meeting. I didn't know this was possible, but it is- I am the only person in the ward between the ages of 17 and 30. Impressive, I know. Most everyone is over the age of 60. They are nice though!! In fact it is often hard for me to leave at the end because there are so many people talking to me. After I got home from church we went to a village BBQ all evening, which was really nice. There is a new au pair in the village from France, and I met her for the first time. She is a really sweet girl and she doesn't speak very good English, but she does speak a little German... Which means when she found out I spoke a little German our conversations were a mix of English, German, and usually some French. One of the more interesting conversations I have ever had!

Today, Monday, we went to the Edinbridge and Oxted agricultural show. YES it is more fun than it sounds! It's the equivalent to a state fair pretty much, maybe a little bit bigger. We watched all the horse competitions, and we entered Frasier (Fraz) into a couple dog competitions. Really, we entered him in as a joke because he is a big soppy lump and quite disobedient and we thought it would be funny to see him pull the kids around the ring. Turns out he did quite well, especially considering he has never in his life been in a public place of such size. Apparently Sarah also thought it would be funny to see me handle Frazier in the ring, because she entered me as his handler in the Best Breed competition. It was really funny when all the dogs sit- Fraz stands. When all the dogs lay down, he sits. And the one time when he was supposed to be standing, he was standing, until the judge glanced his way then he just layed down. The family got a good laugh at me tugging at the horse-sized dog's collar trying to get him to stand up. HAHA. It was pretty funny!! Even though he wasn't obedient, he was well behaved... which really, is all I wanted. I had horror visions of him dragging me through the mud across the field while I griped the lead. So I am glad that didn't happen. :) For some pictures of the festival (many of which look a lot like the pictures I took myself) just click here.
Mom, Siera, Hannah, Lecy... you would have LOVED these horses!!!!!!

So that is my weekend in a flash. I will update with perhaps some pictures of our Europe trip a bit later. By later I don't mean in another month... I mean by the end of the week. So keep checking!!! I promise to update more often. The children start school a week from today, which will leave more time for my blog and bleeders. For this, I am very excited!!!


Dona and co. said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes and thanks for updating your blog. You are so cool. Post a picture of you and Fraz if you get a chance. I loved your use of the word rubbish. Was that intentional or are you starting to speak like an englishwoman involuntarily?

Anonymous said...

I was just starting to write you a family night email and decided to check on 'Poppins" - so glad you had a minute to blog with all you are doing with your nanny work and adventures. I loved seeing you on the web cam last night,- what a cute haircut you have! I didn't think anyone could look so cute and bright eyed at 2 a.m. -so glad you were willing to get up at that hour to talk to family! We miss you -

Grant said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Sounds like you are having a great time. I loved seeing pictures of your travels with your mom & dad.

colie-o said...

Believe it or not the word rubbish is exactly what I would have said had I been speaking. I thought twice writing it on my blog, but I couldn't quite think of another way to phrase the sentence without that word! I have to say it a lot because 'garbage' and 'trash' are not even in the dictionary. haha

toad and sue said...

FINALLY! What an eventful weekend! I'm with dona, you need to post a pic of you and this horse/dog. And while you're at it, why don't ya get those european holiday pics up. I haven't heard a bit about y'alls trip!

We will get a web cam soon and then we can skype all the time.
Miss you!

Jennifer Grigg said...

Cool Blog cute cousin!

Nicole's mum said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I would have loved to see the jousting with you! Oh well, "next time"! Anyway, I also wanted to tell you I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it to Amy Bangerter's reception, so Amy if you get a chance to check in on this after your honeymoom, sorry! Anyway, miss you Nicole! Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

It was fun reading your entries... :)
Frau Carmiol

Lecy said...

once again, i am sooo very jealous!! you make the horse shows that i go to look like...well..crap!;)i will try to get you some of my pics of me and my pony! i can jump..just not as high as that...(but around 4 feet)and i can ride side saddle even if it is painful and in a western saddle. yes it hurts when you go faster than a walk!