Friday, August 31

Hence the name...

Well, today was super fun because...dun dun-dun dun (drum roll please) I saw Mary Poppins the Musical!! Since it corresponds with the name of my blog, my job, and the place where I am living-I thought it very appropriate. If you recall the story there is an evil nanny who comes onto stage with accompanying lightning and storm noises, and once the show was over there was the unavoidable question to the children- who is Nicole most like? Mary Poppins or the Evil Ms. Andrew?




I am sweating bullets....

"Mary Poppins!!" they said, good answer.


So the play was really good, they added a few extra songs which were ok but not as good as the original ones. There was a few times where Mary did some flying and that was really cool, and the vocals were all very impressive. It really was an amazing performance! I absolutely loved it! Upon seeing this performance I couldn't help but remember that picture of us in Disney World with Grandma Sylvia and Mary Poppins...if you know the one I am talking about you are probably laughing right now. Grandma is so ecstatic about seeing this musical icon that she is wearing a grin unmatched by any other person, cartoons and people alike. She could have burst right there and taken the entire world with her. Grandma has her hand out as if presenting Mary to the rest of us and Mary is wearing that "oh my goodness I-think-this-woman-is-going- to-pack-me-up-and- take-me-home-with-her grin" and leaning slightly away from my beaming grandmother. Trust me, it is a classic. So here's to you Grandma, tonight only made me miss your bright eyes and radiant smile! Mary Poppins truly cannot compare.

The evening was accompanied by some quality British pizza at pizza hut (ha ha ha) and a walk through Covent gardens. You may think that this has satisfied my crave and eternal love for musicals and performing arts-but no. It has only made me want to see more! I picked up a couple pamphlets of the musicals that are on my "must see" list, so I thought I would share them with you-in no particular order
Phantom of the Opera
Les Miserables
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat
Mama Mia

Looks like I am going to have to start saving some pounds.


Dona and co. said...

Whoa! You changed your blog! I like it a lot. It is very Poppinsy.

Anonymous said...

I have the music from Les Miserables and it is FANTASTIC!!! I want to see it when it comes to town again but I need someone to go with... son of a...

Glad to see you have some new stuff on here!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember the photo -is it in your boook of remembrance? Soooo of course I was ecstatic about Mary Poppins - you don't know how many times I've danced through that musical over the years- I even tried CHimChimchery on the roof and I always use 'the spoon full of sugar'/'element of fun & snap the jobs a game -even on you when you were little. THis is the deal granddaughter - we've got the kareokie music for colie poppins so when you do come home and land with your umbrella and all you'll have the music accompaniment !


for blog coments before this one (Trip Video and sparkling water)it went to an email format instead on this format so hope you got those blog comments via email-

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