Monday, July 2

St. Andrews

So this weekend being the last weekend I am here in Scotland, I decided to do a much needed road trip. Several people were trying to come with me, but it just didn't work out so I ended up going alone, which was fine! I had a great time. First of all, I hoped on the bus and headed down the Fife East Coast which was absolutely beautiful!! I stopped in a little fishing town called Elie and looked around.

After that little stop, I hoped back on the bus and headed further along the coast to Anstruther. Anstruther is famous because of a Chip shop they have there. (Chip shop referring to fish and chips, chips being french fries). Loads of famous people have eaten there, and it is really fresh and really delicious! So I ate there and looked around.

It was very windy...

very beautiful

and it smelled like California

See how happy I am!

After Anstruther, I got on the bus again and headed towards my final destination... St. Andrews! Which, if you recall from a previous blog, was at the top of my list on places to go. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! The scenery was fantastic, the ruins were amazing, and it is home to the worlds first golf course along with lots of history!

This is the ruins at the monastery

I climbed up the huge tower
(I counted over 200 steps) and looked out over St. Andrews

These are tombs pulled out from the floor of the cathedral

This is the castle ruins view from the other ruins

The entrance to the Castle

Well I wish I had more time to tell you more about it, perhaps I will later! Right now I am in the process of moving and packing, and with all the terrorist attack attempts over here right now it has been difficult to get anything done! Its crazy and stressful... but I will write more once I arrive in London Tomorrow!!!


Nicole's mum said...

Hey, I loved seeing your tour of St. Andrews! And yo do look happy! Anyway, I'm glad you got to go, I just wish someone could have gone along to share it with you. Oh well, Next time! Hopefully it will be dad and me! Can't wait until you are settled in in London, or rather Seven-Oaks. I hope it will be warmer and just as beautiful! Love you! MOM

Amie said...

Hey Nicole! Have a safe and wonderful trip and I hope that you enjoy London. Be safe! I love you. I enjoyed your pictures...I was a little jealous too. You look beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are indeed beautiful and you do look happy. Thanks for the St Andrews tour via your excellent photos and 'cleverly written' descriptions - put into the blog at 3:00 AM I notice. Which brings your grandma to see - get plenty of rest gdaughter/Poppins and take good care of yourself and those 2 lucky Sevenoaks children !


Toad and Sue said...

Let me just start with the shirt, I LOVE it! You look so great! I know it's always nice to have someone to travel with but honestly some of my best travel memories are from my solo experiences. In fact I was just listening to some travel guy on NPR that suggests that solo travel is the best way to travel since you are able to see everything and your on pace and your interactions with locals can be more meaningful. Anyway the pics and beautiful, you look gorgeous! Love you!