Saturday, July 14

National Trust

So upon bleeders request I am posting yet again for a record breaking number this week! pictures were taken when I visited the National Trust, which is UK equivalent to US national park. It was SOOO pretty!

What can I say... I was a bit excited about the lilies!

Everything was so beautiful, I love England!

And I was also a little obsessed with the birds...

yes...yes they do.

Pretty Pretty!
(actually, I get made fun of because to me everything is 'so pretty!' So as the English would say it- I had a really lovely day)

I would also like to point out that in the national trust land near the house there is an old WWII shelter where the English used to watch for German bombers to come into the valley (towards London.) Since Kent (where I live) was bombed to shreds during the war a shelter/lookout of this sort would have been essential during the war. The best part is that it is literally untouched by anybody, and nothing has been done to it since was left in WWII. I don't have any pictures of it because I didn't have my camera during that part of the day-but I will go back and take some pictures soon! I think stuff like that is so cool!

My London friend count is growing. The number has now reached 3.
Pascal is French, and was friend number one.
Martina is from the Czech Republic and was number two.
and Lida is also from the Czech Republic and is friend number three.
Hopefully we will see numbers rising soon!
I am having a great time though!
Love you all and miss you!


Dona and co. said...

Friends clump--How great is that?
I agree, they actually do.
Thanks for the blogging, I love it!
(and you too)

Amie said...

Nicole! I haven't read your blog in awhile, but I'm glad i did today. Your pictures are beautiful! It makes me want to go there. You live in Kent? Do you think that is the same place that Jane Austen talks about in her books? cause if it is...that would be amazing.Keep blogging, no one is going to get sick of your adventures. I sure don't!

Anonymous said...

Wow! your photos are great and truely your comments are so cleverly written, 'colie-o' !!!

There was a family gathering this afternoon at Mark & Korene Crosby's after Aaron gave his returned missionary talk in sacrament meeting. Aaron's three sisters and his two sister-in-laws
sang "One Voice" after his talk.
Someone was missing - YOU! I told Aaron and other cousins that you were having an exciting adventure in England.
All is well,

Sam said...

Hello Nicole! Those pictures are amazing! I want to come visit you so bad!!! lol Anyways I love reading your blog, though I was kind of a slacker there for awhile, but now I am caught up. Anyways keep blogging! I love hearing about all of your exciting adventures!

Sue said...

Fabulous pics! I hope you will have time to take some or be awake enough to do so during the 10 whirlwind tour you have coming up. I hope you guys have an excellent time with many meaningful memories. Love you!