Tuesday, July 3


I know what you are thinking... two blogs in two days? Is Nicole ok? She never posts this often! Well, good news everybody- I am fine. I arrived in London at 1:05 this afternoon! So far... I LOVE IT! The new family is so pleasant and nice, the kids are loads of fun, and I think we are going to get along great!! This being my first day and all, its hard to give you a full evaluation-so I will do that at the end of the week. For now I will tell you a little bit about my goodbye party! (which is lacking in pictures... sorry!)

First of all this is me and Nicola, I am going to miss her! But she has lived in Dunfermline all her life and never seen London. So she is going to come down and visit me!

So the goodbye party was just put on by my friends in the ward, it was nice! We went to the local chippy (fish and chip shop) and grabbed some dinner. Afterwards we went to the park and played ultimate Frisbee and American football along with just hanging out and playing on the equipment. I have never seen a park like this ever, it was so cool that I had to take some photos just so you could see it! As far as a group photo, we didn't end up getting one. People here are very camera shy!

This is a picture of me and Kerrie, she is one of the nicest, most generous people I have ever met!! I want to be more like her! She is a great person and a great friend. I really am going to miss Scotland!! The people here are incredible, I can't wait until I visit them again!


Anonymous said...

Now that you have arrived in London I'll have to get you the book -"My Love Affair with London".
Every since I found out you were headed for England I've been putting together some info on
-you guessed it- your family history in that part of the world. For starters an ancestral home on your Crosby line is the historical Crosby Hall built by Alderman Sir John Crosby in 1466. Crosby Hall was mentioned by Shakespeare in "Richard III" as Richard III once occupied it and it was later the property of Sir THomas More. More later when you get to visit the historic quarter of London - O.K.?


Anonymous said...

I 'm looking at your photos and thinking - I always rave about your beautiful brown eyes -alot can be said for your cute dimpled smile,too !!

Toad and Sue said...

I love getting to see some of the people you've connected with. But I must say I'm a little disappionted. Where's the knumchuck-cage-fighter boy? Please don't tell me you don't have a pic of the scottish Jackie Chan looking for the key to you heart!

Nicole's mum said...

Hey! We were missing you today as we celebrated the 4th of July, and I realized how ironic that you would actually be in the country we fought for our freedom from so long ago! I'm guessing they don't celebrate the 4th over there! Glad we are all good friends now! Love you! MOM

Anonymous said...

I got a kick out of the big kid playground! I wish we had one for the crew to play on! -Ashton-

kira said...

Look like your having a blast! MORE PICTURES!!! You should also post video of your new room :) Keep us bleeders posted my friend!