Friday, July 27

A Foggy Day...

Today was an amazing day! Sarah didn't have work, Gemma and Callum are finally on summer break from school... so we decided to make a day of it by going into London! We had a really great time! There is a new venue, called the O2 center that just opened a couple weeks ago, and it was absolutely amazing! The O2 center is huge, I mean huge huge, it has a big indoor/outdoor (you know... an indoor area that looks like its an outdoor street) look that is full of shops and restaurants and fun things for the family to do. My favorite thing was an indoor beach!!! (who though of that??? they are genius...)

This is the beach, on the big movie screen there they show movies like Jaws etc for people to come sit on the beach and watch...for free! Every activity in the place is free which makes it really great!

This is the O2 chill center, which is a big bubble that has comfortable chairs inside and earphone jacks all over, so if you bring earphones (or buy some) you can "chill" and listen to music!

This little thing you see here is neat because again-its free- and you dance inside the bubbles there (they are just a big blue-screen) and make a music video that is shown on the screens above. Kinda cool!

This is the sign in front of the pizza place we ate at inside the O2 center... pretty much I thought it was really funny.

After the O2, we caught a boat into central London, it is a really neat system because the boat goes from the O2 right to the London eye and it is quick and cheap!

Me and Gemma on the boat!

View of tower bridge from the boat- yes, that is rain you see. The weather was HORRIBLE!
After the boat ride, we got a taxi to the natural history museum. On the way we saw big ben and Westminster abbey and Buckingham palace and all of those cool places! I got some really neat pictures so I was happy!

This is the natural history museum... it was soooo cool!!

Gemma and me in front of our favorite dino!

After we were done at the museum we walked out and what had been torrential rain had turned into gorgeous sunshine! So we went to Queen Victoria's monument... I am not exactly sure what it is called but it is the monument that Queen Victoria built for her deceased husband Albert.

From the monument we continued on to Trafalgar square, looked around for a minute, and climbed on the lions!

All in all we had a really nice day!!! I can't wait to go back to London and see more!


Sam--Antha! said...

AHH!! I love London! That is so awesome! I'm glad that you had a great time. It was good to finally hear from you ;) just kidding. Miss and love ya cuz!

Nicole's mum said...

Looks like you had a great day in London! Can't wait to come and see all those cool things with you! I love the pictures of you and Gemma and Callum! Looks like you all had fun! Looking forward to the London fog.....:)Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Cole when are you gonna post some more! It's been forever!