Monday, July 9

Brighton & Tour

For starters I would like to inform you bleeders that I have been dying to write on here for like 4 days, but I have restrained because of my fear of posting too much or too often. haha. Ok well, first I am going to tell you about where I am living! My house is named (get ready grandma....) Memories Cottage, and it is 200 years old! The village I live in is so tiny and rural-the milkman actually comes every morning. The roads all look the same because they are covered in a canopy of trees, and they are only wide enough for one car at a time. It is really different, but its great. Hard to believe that I am only a short train ride outside of London huh?! Well ok, on to my weekend!

On Saturday the fam and I went down to Brighton. It is an incredible place on the Southern coast of England. We went down there to see the Paddle 'Round the Pier competition. It was so beautiful there! The beach was just lovely, although it wasn't a sand beach it was a rock one, it was still fun. They have so many shops and restaurants on the beach front, along with basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, and football (soccer) platforms. Its a really lively place and just a lot of fun.

This is Brighton

This is the Brighton pavilion, we didn't go there we just drove by, but it is really beautiful!

These are the chairs on the beach...and me sitting in one!

This is the old pier that was burned down, from this view the new pier is on the left. The paddle around the pier competition goes around the new pier, then around to the right-hand side of the burned pier for the finish. The competition is fun because people make home made rafts and try and paddle them around the piers. Some people have come up with really clever ideas! It really is a lot of fun.

This is the last leg of the race by the finish (left) and the winner (right)

They really make a big deal out of this event. There are loads of tents set up on the beach with free things to do like a surfboard simulator, mechanical bull, and carnival games. They also did a coast guard demonstration like in the movie "The Guardian", it was really cool!

After we watched the beach we went over to the pier to get some fish and chips and to ride the rides! The actually have an impressive entertainment area on the pier, and the rides aren't bad!

Gemma and Me on the Crazy mouse ride that goes over the water on the pier (very scary) although my face is a pose...I really wasn't that scared. hah. And yes we are really on the ride when I snapped the photo! Middle picture is of Sarah, Gemma, and Callum on the log ride, and the last one is Terry and Gemma on the twirly-sick ride. Pretty much we had an awesome time!

Sunday we went and saw the Tour de France. It was a really big deal here because it is the first time in 10 years that the tour has come through Britain. It was really neat to see it! They did a whole parade bit before the bikers came through and handed out loads of free stuff! Then the first 5 bikers which were in the lead came by-it was so fast I hardly had time to get a picture! But i did manage to snap this happy cyclist :)

So the first 5 in the lead went by, and then the huge lot of them came through after about 4 minutes. There were so many and they were zooming, but I managed to get a few good photos that weren't too blurry!

After all the cyclists came through they had a marching band and some dancers, along with people riding some really different bikes.

This was the band!

And basically...that was my Sunday!

Monday (today) was my first trip into central London!!! It was amazing! I didn't really get to do all the touristy things because I spent the better part of the afternoon filling out paperwork at the visa office which left very little time for much else before I had to be back to pick up the kids from school. Anyways, I got to take some pictures and just enjoy myself as somebody who actually lives here rather than rushing around to the sites! It was really nice :)

I ended up taking a cab whilst I was in London today, and my cab driver was a former rock band member who toured the US coast to coast twice opening for the band RATT. Keep in mind, this was in 1894, so I am counting on some of you who were listening to music in that year to know who they are! I guess they had a number one hit...??? Anyways, the cab drivers band name was Bronze. He told me to look up his music video on youtube, so I did of course and sure enough-here he is. He is the drummer! I don't know if I like the song very much, but that's alright it's still cool!! check it out-

Alright well that's about it for now! I am having a wonderful time and I really love it here!


Anonymous said...

I called your folks last night to see if they had heard from you since there wasn't a new blog up I was wondering --
Sooo glad to hear from you and see your feet(in the beach chair):)

Good to hear all is well and Brighton and the tour was swell.

Tonight, I'm having a cup of ENglish tea
and sending a family night note to thee
-- at 'Memories Cottage'.

Love & stuff,
Grandma SCSC

Nicole's mum said...

I loved the pictures of the cyclists on the tour de france and the old time bicycles! The raft race looked like a lot of fun too! I loved seeing you all have somuch fun at the pier too. Tell your family I think they are great and I hope you will want to come home some day! I love you and miss you! MOM

Dona and co. said...

Just when I think that you and your life could not be any cooler you just have to prove me wrong!

Toad and Sue said...

Don't ya just love youtube! The stuff you can find on there is great. I think your first trip to London sounds perfect. Looks like you handled the visit very different from your good ol' dad I'm guessing he would of insisted on stopping at buckingham palace, #10 downing st, coupled with a quick sprint to the Tower in an half an hour time frame. Anyone can visit those sights but there are only a choice few who can really experience a foreign place and it sounds like you had a start of that by observing the day to day stuff. I think you should make every visit you take to London one part touristy and five parts non-touristy-wandering. Don't be distracted by your Dad when he calls and reads you a check list or things to see in London from tours-r-us. This may be hard for your dad to admit but I do know more about this than he does. So I take great pleasure in saying, listen to me on this subject do not listen to him. :-)

Anywho, so are you going to go to the singles ward in London? Hey the village you are staying in sounds incredible. Take a million pictures and post them DAILY! Love you!

Dona and co. said...

Just me again, Aunt Stalker, I mean Aunt Dona. I would just like to echo the "take a million pictures and post them DAILY" portion of toad and sue's comment. I check every day atleast once and it is such a let down when there is no update. Hey, this is journaling, that's very important for you (this is not all about me and what I want although I can see how it might sound like I am motivated purely by self-interest.)