Monday, June 18

This & That

Mawwage. In case your a little bit rusty on your Princess Bride lingo, that says Marriage. No no not me, but I found out last week that one of my best friends from home, Amy Bangerter is getting mawwaged! (married...sorry, I'll stop now) The worst part is that I won't be able to make it because I am here. I am so happy for her though, its just such a shock. That message she sent me comes to my mind often and I just can't stop thinking about it. Its so weird! What do you give a new bride as a friend? Now I am not thinking pans or toasters people. That is for aunties and friends of friends of acquaintances to give. I need something good! I have until September to think about it, but any ideas would be just great. Congratulations Amy!

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day! I did, simply because I got to talk to my Dad and family over the web cam. It was almost like I was there... Its on holidays and special occasions I miss you guys the most, so it was great to see you!

Also if anybody else is able to talk on Saturday's or Sundays in the afternoon (your time) let me know and we can set something up!

This weekend was actually pretty boring to be honest. I need to find more things to occupy my time. The only problem is that everything is so dang expensive because of the exchange rate, and I haven't had anybody to really travel with. No worries though, Nicola and I will be planning a trip or two very soon once she gets home. Yes, she is in Spain right now with family-lucky girl! I have a list of nearby places that I want to visit The first on the list is a city called St. Andrews. It looks absolutely amazing! I can't wait to go there. Other places include York, Newcastle, Inverness, London, Glasgow, Dundee, and just touring the Fife East Coast. There are other places I want to go to of course, but this list should keep me busy for a while! All of these places are within 2 hours of me (except London, which is 4 1/2) so that is fun. I will keep you posted as I slowly check off my list of local sights!!

Today was a great day, Kyla and I had a lot of fun. Here they do "play groups". Maybe they do them back in the US but I have never heard of them before. It's where a bunch of mom's all meet and bring their babies and toddlers to play. Usually it is held in a church or community center where there are toys to set up for the young'ns. We attend playgroup Mon-Wed. Today's playgroup is probably my favorite just because the people are so nice! Each week someone is in charge of bringing a raffle prize, a snack for the adults, and a pint of milk for the tea. So we all prepare a snack for the kids and when they are eating everyone has their tea and sweet. I, of course, pass on the tea and go straight for the juice. Nothing makes you stand out more in a crowd like that when you are 19 with a toddler holding a giant cup of juice. haha! Well its OK I don't really mind, but I often have a little laugh at myself. So today at the raffle the prize was a big bottle of fine wine, and guess who won it... yep! Yours truly! I acted really happy and excited because everyone was bummed out that they didn't get it. And I didn't want to be more of a weirdo and just give it away. So I brought it home for the mum and dad to drink later, they were so happy! I am such a good little nanny... winning wine... that so thoughtful of me. haha anyways, we had lots of fun at the playgroup and as soon as we got home Kyla crashed, which was nice because it gave me time to get the tidying up done before the mum got home from work. When she got home i took the bus into Dunfermline again to run some errands (buy some shoes) and other very important stuff. It was a nice little trip I always like going up to town!! It really is amazing how much history and character is just right here. wow. Well after I got home I quickly changed into my running gear. Now that is a sentence I haven't used in a while. Yes it is the first time I have actually been running while I have been here. Not to say that I haven't been active and doing lots of things, including walks, because I have. I just haven't changed into the old t-shirt and sweatpants and charged for the trail. But today I did, and it was really nice!! My run was so beautiful I wish I had my camera with me. I am going to go back along the trail one of these days while the flowers are all in bloom still and snap a few golden shots for you all to see. There are paths everywhere that are always filled with runners, so I am hoping to explore a new way to go tomorrow. The thing that surprised me here while I was out was how many hills there are! Not just little hills, gigantic ones that just make your legs feel like jelly when your done. Its really hard, but really rewarding at the same time! Anyways, my run was really good, and just what i needed to motivate me to start running every day again. After I got home I stretched and had a Greek salad for dinner, yum. Now I am sitting here on my bed writing this blog to feed the need of all my loyal bleeders.

Since this blog has been lacking in visual happiness, I decided to add one of my favorite movie moments of all time. Don't be surprised if other favorite movie moments just randomly pop up at the end of future blogs. Its 5 minutes long, so don't feel compelled to watch! Just if you have the time, you will be happy you did, because it is my favorite!


Anonymous said...

Cute honey! I am glad you were able to keep off the sauce and give it to your mum and dad there. I'm sure they were glad! We all miss you here and are thinking about you all the time. sounds like you have a great running area. I'm jealous! Well, talk to you soon! love, your MUM

Amie said...

Cole. You should have sold the wine on e-bay or something and made big money, or at least had a drink or two! just kidding. That's a great story, I laughed. When I saw Amy Bang's note about her engagement on facebook my jaw dropped! I was in shock. Wow! That is so weird. Anyways, I love that you run! I love running in the mountains here. Maybe when you get back we can go together and do a joy run. :) Love you Cole!

Toad and Sue said...

I LOVE Moulin Rouge (spelling?), the part when NIcole Kidman sings "come back to me now, and forgive everything" is one of my favorite moments too! And Ewan!---great voice! excellent movie pick!

I think you should buy your buddy a scottish "snogging" blanket and when she gets married she can change the name to the "shagging" blanket. Snogging is the british term (or it was ten years ago) for making out and shagging, well... that's obivious. Then your friend will have the context in which she can turn to her hubby and in her best british accent say, "Do you fancy a shag luv?"--and they'll both love you for that.

love you!