Thursday, June 14

Socializing with Scots

To all my faithful blog readers, I have been trying to think of a proper "name" for you. I have been trying to combine 'blog' and 'readers', but then all I come up with is "bleeders". So I guess I am pretty un-creative. So this is for all my bleeders (because I can't think of a better name), I love you- and thank you for your diligent reading. My apologies for being a bad blogger, I need to write more. My fear is that I will write to much, and bore bleeders out of their minds so they don't come back- but perhaps I have gone too far the other way in not writing enough. I will try to find a happy medium. OK so lets a get a summary of my week (so far)

I was really excited on Monday because it was the first YSA (young single adult) activity I would be attending. I actually ended up going on a little date that was, if possible, more awkward and weird than this plastic face... Now that I have your attention, lets start out with the activity. The YSA reps name is Alex and he is really different, and we went to his flat to watch a movie. I know, oooohhhh ahhhhh they come up with such crafty ideas for activities, but I'll take what I can get. Anyways, we watched Charly, and that was it- activity over! The girl I hitched a ride with had to go so we left. As soon as i got back to the house I got a text from Alex asking if I wanted to go play some pool. I assumed he meant everyone that we had left at the house were going to be there (That's what he made it sound like.) Nobody was at the house when i got home so i figured, why not go hang out and get to know these kids a little better (because there was one cute one there). So he came to pick me up and I was a little distressed to see that he was the only one in the car... I figured we were meeting the other people there. Wrong again. I could tell this kid was a little bit on the weird side when I first met him. So we got out of the car at his flat where I assumed we would meet up with the people but we just kept walking to the park... after about 20 minutes of walking we arrived. No no not at a pool-playing place, at a playground. We played on the playground for a little bit. He put me in this tiny round swing for little kids and was very serious in saying "here is where you trust me to swing you, tell me if it gets scary, are you holding on?" and I am thinkin... "isn't this swing is for 5 year olds?" ha ha. So then we did some other really kiddish stuff which, in all honesty, would have been fun had it been with someone i was interested in. The whole time he kept talking about how he is a martial arts master and he used to do cage fighting blah blah blah... yeah. So by this time it is about 11:00 and I have to get up early, so I told him I had better get going. Then we walked like we were going back and he stopped in at the bar to play pool and it was full- probably because i was praying to just get out of there ha ha. I told him again that I really needed to go home now, but he kept saying "oh no you don't, you're fine, you don't need to work." uh huh. riiiiggghhhht. He also kept trying to "figure me out" and making all these outrageous predictions about me and my life and I kid you not when I tell you he was totally serious. He also asked me questions like "where do you see yourself in the end?" (end of what???) and "How many kids to you want" (followed by, 'me too') "where do you want to get married? ('me too') etc etc... I was getting a little freaked out. Anyways, he finally got the picture when i told him for the 3rd time that I really had to go home. So we walked 15 minutes to the car and he started doing this ridiculous laugh. I just knew... I just knew, so I said "you lost your keys didn't you." (laughs some more) He wouldn't even answer me he just kept on laughing! SO we walked all the way back to the park. On the way we were talking about the keys being lost and he made the comment "I wish I had the keys to your heart".... uh huh. I wanted to take off running down the street and not stop until I reached home (only about 10 miles away, haha) when we got to the park I found his keys laying on the ground-thank goodness. I seriously don't know what I would have done if they had been lost because he didn't have a spare or anything. So i made it home, very tired and very unhappy around 12:30. For all of you wondering if any of this sarcasm and inside thought came out on the date, it didn't. I was good and kept a happy face on. :)

For those of you who need a good visual, this boy is like the guy in the video. Just to give you an idea. (you will have to imagine the Scottish accent though!)

Monday night I was just frustrated with the whole situation, I prayed that I could find a friend that I liked to hang out with. Someone who was fun and wasn't one of those people I called simply because I had nobody else even though I didn't really have fun with them (this is the description of the YSA group unfortunately). So I got up, doing my work as usual, and to make a long story short Kyla got ill and needed to go to the doctor so her parents took her, and they have been having a maintenance man come this week so I was just here with him. We chatted the whole morning while we were both working around the house. So when he came back from his lunch break he was like "what are you doing tonight?" (don't worry, he wasn't asking me out ha ha ha) And he said oh my daughter Nicola is your age and she wants to hang out can you do something in 4o minutes? I was a little bit iffy but I said yes anyways. She came to pick me up and we went into Dunfermline town and walked around a little bit, got some dinner, and looked around the Abby (see blog, "Dunfermline) It was really great! We are a lot alike, so we get along nice. I find its hard to find a girl around my age who doesn't have a serious boyfriend and who doesn't smoke and who doesn't like to get wasted on the weekends. She just got out of a 3 year relationship so she doesn't have many friends left because of that-plus her friends have boyfriends. So we were both in need of a friend, and I am so glad I met her! Isn't it funny how the Lord answers our prayers? And so quickly sometimes!! Her family is really nice, and they really good people. I have got some questions though about being a Mormon. A popular belief is that we do not celebrate Christmas... Or that we don't believe in blood transfusions... or we are not allowed to do anything fun. haha. They just know that I don't drink tea or coffee, and I don't drink alcohol. But upon hearing that one everyone says "smart girl". It's funny because her dad the maintenance man, Derek is his name, said "oh those Mormons are so pesky always knockin on my door, nobody around here likes them!" It made me laugh, he likes me ok though! So maybe I can help change his mind about those "pesky Mormons". Maybe.

Today was my first day having Kyla all by myself. The past couple weeks their old nanny has been working with me showing me the ropes but her last day was yesterday. I really liked her she was nice, I think we would be friends were it not for the fact that she has a serious boyfriend and is about to move in with him and things. She is my age too and we get along quite well- but again, there is that boyfriend factor. Anyways, Kyla didn't have any problems with the transition today (some days are harder than others) so we had a really nice time! We walked through the woods and picked some flowers, and went to the park and played on the toys. She really enjoyed that! We also went to Tesco (supermarket) and the woman at the checkout was really funny. After hearing my accent she asked where I was from. "Utah, USA" I said, (some people don't know that Utah is in the USA) and her reaction was "Oh Utah... Isn't that where the Mormons are?" It was funny. When I was done working Nicola came to pick me up and we drove over to this carnival/fair thing, but it was closed! That was kinda too bad because it looked like it would have been fun. We drove around and saw the beach and things so it was nice. Then we went to this club/bar where she works, got a couple of cokes and then went home. It was really fun just to have someone to hang out with and talk to. The bars and clubs here aren't like the ones back home (not that I have ever been...) They are OK places for kids my age to go and hang out and dance and play pool and things like that. There are people that get waisted but most people don't. Anyways, Its kinda the whole social scene here, and clubs and bars are the only places open past 5:30 pm. All the shops and things close no later than 6. Crazy huh? Well Nicola and I decided that we would make a list of places we have to go and do before I leave. We have a bunch of ideas, but nothing written down yet. We will do that soon I suppose! Oh yeah she also told me I had to see Braveheart, and so we watched it. It is now at the top of my list of all time favorite films. I added a little clip here that sums it up quite nice (and quick) but I warn you- it is not for the weak stomached or faint of heart.

Anyways, that is about all for me! Still waiting on my package so I can put my Edinburgh trip videos and pictures on here. When I get that I will do my blog first thing! Thanks for all your love and support back home, I miss you all!


Toad and Sue said...

oh thank you Cole! I needed to laugh hard this morning. Dating an ex-cage fighter that is searching for the key to your heart. Wow, that is AWESOME! Some of my best dating memories are the weirdos. I can't get over the cage fighting bit--that is priceless. Next time you see him you should ask if he'd mind showing you some of his moves and them video hime and stick it on the blog for our viewing pleasure.

I am so glad you found someone to hang out with! Honestly I think it's even better that she is not a mormon. And I know what you're saying about pub/club thing it's a cultural difference--pubs can be place for the whole family to hang out. In London it's the same way and that's where I spent most of my nights until we found this place called "Coffee Republic" (just like a starbucks) that stayed open till midnight, it was a great quiet place to sit and talk. Have you gone clubbing yet?

When I approach movies I always keep the 13th article of faith in mind and with that said, Braveheart is amazing...seriously incredible film making.

THANKS again for the post!
Love you!

Amie said...

Lol. Cole, your date made me laugh so hard! I haven't had dates that bad, but I've had some that came pretty close. Now I just don't mind dating at all if I can avoid dates like that. :) But I'm glad you are getting out there and being social. You are amazing! I hope you have a great rest of the weekend! Love you friend, and I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hey honey! That was pretty funny! I hope Alex doesn't find your blog address though! Anyway, sounds like you had a great first day alone with the "bug". You did call her by name on your blog--oops! Just kidding, I don't think it matters much. Anyway, you can tell everyone there that summer is in full swing in Utah, and we are having 90 degree days now, but we will probably reach 100 by next week. Bet you wish you were here! NOT! Anyway, love you lots! your MUM

Grandma Sylvia said...

I watched "Braveheart a long time ago but I'm going to watch it again to catch some of the Scottish flavor that hangs with Sarah from "Braveheart" ...I think that is one of her all time favorite movies.

Dona and co. said...

I love your blog Nicole! You are a very clever gal, I mean, lassie.
I am glad you are in with a good family and found a friend with an awesome name. I feel sorry for poor Alex but seeing as how he is not terribly responsible with car keys it makes sense on every level not to trust him with the keys to your heart. :D I can't wait to see more pictures...No really.