Thursday, June 7

My Solo Journey To Dunfermline

Today was really a great one! I started out my day early, and I worked from 8-1. After that I went into Dunfermline again, but this time I went by myself, on the bus for more than an hour (which is how long i stayed last time I was there and I didn't really get to see much). So I waited at the bus stop and rode the bus into town, the system still confuses me but hopefully I will get the hang of it soon! The bus stop is just a hop skip and a jump away from the house.

This is me discreetly snapping a photo of myself while riding the bus for the first time!

Once I arrived into town (about a 10 minute bus ride) I walked down the main street where all the shops are. I went back to Primark to see if they had anything i couldn't live without... which they didn't unfortunately! I went on to some of the other local favs and looked around, but I really didn't buy much! Probably because I am saving what bit I have for my trip into Edinburgh tomorrow... which will be amazing and expensive I am sure. Anyways, I went down to the ruins of the old Abby and monastery and it was really neat. There was literally NOBODY there! It was a little bit spooky.

If you look closely on this one it says BRUCE near the top of the spires...
The graveyard is really old and It says when you walk in to be careful because they are crackling and breaking. It is really eerie being in there by yourself, but cool at the same time because you can feel a kind of serenity that you can't feel when there are lots of people. Oh and one of the old Kings of Scotland is buried here, but I couldn't find his stone because there weren't any signs or people to ask... i guess I will have to figure it out next time I go!

Check out this video I took when I went into the "castle". It's not really a castle but it's smaller- they still call it the castle though because it looks like one. And excuse my pronunciation of "Dunfermline" It is pronounced dun-FIRM-lyn. I never say it the way I said it in the tape... but I did for some reason. Someone figure that out for me.

OK so after that dorky video most of you have stopped reading and quickly exited the page, but for those of you who stayed I have some pictures from the inside I took also.

I could have paid about 7 US dollars to go down into the bottom of the monastery ruins, but I didn't have a lot of time left before I had to catch the next bus back so I decided to just save it for another day. I walked down to the end of the street where there is a monument of Andrew Carnegie. You know, Carnegie hall? Yep same guy! He was born here in Dunfermline and later moved on to the US but he donated the land (70 acres) to the park, and also the land for the library and other things, so everything is dedicated to him.

The park was so beautiful. I walked around and just really enjoyed it. There were so many squirrels and birds of the sort I don't think i have seen before. The birds were so tiny but so cute, I didn't get any pictures of the birdies but the squirrel posed for me. There 3 of them playing in that spot but somehow I only managed a picture of the one.

That picture at the top of the City was one I took while I was at the Statue, just turn a 180 and you get the town- and it was a beautiful sight!

After my stroll I went back to catch the bus, then as I was waiting a man from the depot came down to tell us that bus broke down and wouldn't come for another hour... do I ever have good luck when using the public transportation system?? Well I waited for another hour in the local McDonald's because it was the only place open and warm. (yes, the notorious cold breeze took over) I waited and waited and I was first in line and I got on the bus only to figure out I was at the wrong bus (bad luck again...?), but the thing is I asked the man at the bus depot and that was the exact spot he told me my bus would come, either he was wrong or I misunderstood-but i don't think i did- anyways i ended up looking kinda silly. So I ran down the street around the corner and barely made my bus, and I was the only person on it the whole way home! So I finally made it. What a fantastic day! I loved the town- it has so much history and even thought it is small there is a lot to do and see.

While I have got your attention still (maybe) I will tell you about some of the new things I have had to eat here! For starters, I have been offered wine, campaign, and today a gin and tonic! Don't worry I didn't have any. It has lead to small conversations on religion though since that's where the basis of my choice of not to have alcohol comes from. Anyways, they eat pretty much the same basic foods as we do at home, but they have their own way of doing it. The first day I had baked potato and do you know what they put on baked potato??? tuna. yes, from a can, tuna. I was talking to this girl named Amy I met and she said "why would you not think to put tuna on a baked potato?" and I was thinking... what in the world inspired you to actually put the tuna on the potato in the first place? ha ha it was funny. It was actually good! You guys can try this at home. They eat a lot of salad here... but they always put it on a roll. We had Chili and put it inside pitas (which was VERY good). They have square sausage on a roll for breakfast a lot with this special sauce called 'brown sauce'. It is really a good topping that you can only get here. They also have this pickle sauce that is black and comes out, sorry to say, somewhat like poop from the bottle. I was a little hesitant to try it but it was actually very tasty! Anyways that is about all i can think of right now, I will write more Saturday after my day-long adventure in Edinburgh!!! I am excited!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day!The abby is pretty neat. Can't imagine why you didn't want to go down a dark dank hole in a cemetery all by yourself though--What could possible happen?! Just kidding! Anyway, thanks for sharing your day, it almost feels like we are there with you! Love your MUM

Anonymous said...

AHHHH!!! I am so jealous!! But extremely happy for you at the same time dear cousin of mine! (heh heh. That rhymed.) Anyways, it looks like you had an awesome day and I hope that things continue to go good for you! Love Sam :)

Anonymous said...

P.S. You are so cute! I love hearing all about what is happening over there in Scotland!
Love Sam :)

Toad and Sue said...

Can I just tell you how great this memory is going to be for you some day! I love thinkin' of you having a day to wander around and discover this town as well as Edinburgh on Saturday. I loved your video and you look beauitful in all your pics. I'm guessing the BRUCE part of the structure is from Robert Bruce (one of many things I've learned from Braveheart) Love you!